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Monday, 25 April

8:30 AM

Welcome and Opening Keynote
Presenter: Mitchell Kapor, Chairman, Open Source Applications Foundation

Business at the Crossroads: The New Paradigm of Openness
Leading-edge businesses now face a critical choice, which constitutes a life-or-death bet. Do they defend business models based on proprietary control of intellectual assets or adapt themselves to survive and thrive in a dynamic new economic order? The global economy will depend on a foundation of openness and the coordinated production of an information commons, one which will not replace but transform proprietary ownership and market competition.

9:20 AM - 11:35 AM

Session Coordinator: Eduardo Gutentag, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

UBL Update
The three-year OASIS effort to develop UBL, the Universal Business Language, has encountered many of the issues addressed in this Symposium: schema extensibility, versioning, and management; relationships with other groups developing business vocabularies; vocabulary localization; and the schema development process itself. This presentation will review our experience with these issues and relate some preliminary lessons learned.
Presenter: Jon Bosak, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Message Validation with Semantic Reasoning Tools
This presentation will describe the exploratory development of a tool for message assembly and validation. The tool enables semantic analysis of messages using XML Schema-based UBL vocabularies, semantic reasoning technology, and an upper ontology.
Presenter: Peter Denno, Computer Scientist, NIST


Leveraging UBL for Developing Justice XML (GJXDM) Reference Documents
UBL and the Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) are both built on the UN/CEFACT Core Components. What are the similarities and differences between UBL development and schema standards and the Justice XML development methodology? Are there tangible benefits in utilizing UBL naming standards and methods with respect to interoperability, standardization of Justice XML reference documents and adoption of the Justice XML vocabulary? This talk will review these questions and more.
Presenter: John Ruegg, Director, LA County Information Systems Advisory Body and Co-Chair of the OASIS LegalXML Integrated Justice TC

Real and Effective Use of Business Vocabularies
This talk will discuss how SAP uses a methodology for unified modeling of all common and context specific parts of business semantic. This methodology is not proprietary. It aligns to international standards, like UN/CEFACT CCTS, for better harmonization with other business libraries.
Presenter: Gunther Stuhec, Standards Architect, SAP

Question & Answer Panel with the UBL Session Presenters


1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Session Coordinator: Chris Ferris, IBM Corporation

Extending and Versioning XML Using XML Schema
Every use of XML includes extensibility and versioning, whether planned for or not. This talk will provide a walk-through of various distributed extensibility decisions and mechanisms using XML Schema and application specific technology. A particular set of decisions are necessary to enable distributed "touchless" extensibility and versioning, and this set is contrasted to other approaches.
Presenter: Dave Orchard, Technical Director, BEA Systems, Inc.

Modular Vocabulary Design in Support of Semantic Interoperability
Discovery requires understanding the vocabulary of the metadata provider, and this can be enhanced if vocabularies are constructed using small schema fragments as building blocks to form larger vocabularies. Modular fragments make mapping and reuse easier, and an investigation of a series of metadata use cases indicates this as an attractive path to semantic interoperability. This talk will highlight several of the findings as they relate to enhanced discovery and semantic interoperability.
Presenter: Ken Laskey, Lead Engineer and Technical Lead, Mitre Corporation

Reaching Consensus on Code Lists
To achieve alignment of XML vocabularies, code lists whose values are used must be aligned with those vocabularies. This presentation will describe a format for code lists that is being developed within UBL, with input from other standards groups, with the aim of creating a common XML format for managing and distributing code lists.
Presenter: Anthony Coates, Chief Architect, London Market Systems

Development Methodologies for Vocabularies: Waterfall vs. Cyclical, 'Big-Bang' vs. Evolutionary - A Case Study of Two Projects
This presentation will use two case studies of vocabulary design projects (at Compuware and Vodafone) to explore the business case for various development methodologies. In one project, a cyclical, evolutionary method was used; in another, a waterfall, 'big bang' method. The speaker will examine those projects, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the applied method, and present conclusions and recommendations.
Presenter: Jim Gabriel, Architect, digitalML Ltd.

Question & Answer Panel with the Versioning and Development Session Presenters

3:00 PM | BREAK

3:15 PM


Service-oriented architectures (SOAs) are considered by many to be the solution for a myriad of challenges faced by today's IT organizations. This year's OASIS Symposium will feature a panel of users from major companies who will share overviews of their companies' SOA plans/initiatives. They also will address the current challenges faced in understanding, creating, and implementing an SOA strategy and how the various industry vocabularies impact these plans.

Moderater: Eugene Kuznetsov, Chairman & CTO, DataPower

Panel to Include:

  • John Jackson, Director of Enterprise Software Technology, General Motors
  • Kathryn Breininger, Corporate Librarian and Information Scientist, The Boeing Company
  • R. John Nida, LM Enterprise Information Systems-Systems Design & Integration, Lockheed Martin
  • Bob Roth, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Cendant
  • Rafael M. Martinez, Director of Architecture and Planning, Distributed Middleware & Messaging Group, JPMorganChase


Birds-of-a-Feather sessions will be posted soon.


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