As of March 4 2024, OASIS members have a new collaboration platform. The Higher Logic Thrive community tool combines all the workspace tools you’ve used before, but in a modern web environment.

This FAQ will give you a quick overview of how to do work on the new platform. Please note that the new workspace will continue to be updated with new self-service features. We will update the documentation as these upgrades occur.

Last updated May 15, 2024

Where to Find the New Platform

The new collaboration platform for your OASIS work starts at To log in: 

In the upper right corner, click the ‘Log In’ button

The login credentials are not the ones you used for Kavi. Rather, it is the email address and the password you would use to log on to your community account to pay invoices, submit a member agreement online, sign an e-CLA etc. These are the single sign-on credentials we will be rolling out to other OASIS tooling in the future. 

Enter the email address you use for your OASIS membership and your password. 

If you do not remember your community account password or have trouble logging in, first try resetting your password by clicking “Forgot password” and entering your email to request a password reset.

If you continue to have trouble logging on, please contact for assistance.

How Do I Find TCs?

Once logged in, you will see your landing page. 

You can access your overview information on the Member Home link where you’ll see recent activity, upcoming events, etc. 

To find TCs, click on the Communities dropdown. You will have the option of My Communities and All Communities. Click on All Communities. 

You will see an expandable tree of communities. Type part of the name or the abbreviation in the search box to filter the display. 

Click on the TC to go to its homepage. 

Clicking on My Communities will bring up a list of the TCs to which you already belong. There is no search box on this screen. 

How Do I Join or Leave a TC?

To join a TC, please submit this form. OASIS staff will first confirm this request with your Primary Representative before adding you to the roster. If you are your organization’s Primary Representative, we will add you directly. Please let us know if this is a time sensitive request.

To leave a TC, you can email the TC Administrator ( or Member Services (

 A link to this form is also included on the TC Homepages under ‘Quick Links.’

How Do I Update TC Roles and Voting Rights?

TC roles and voting rights must be updated by the TC Administrator or Member Services.

To submit this request, please email: TC Administrator ( or Member Services (

How Do I Access A Roster?

  • Once you are logged into workspace and navigate to the to your TC’s homepage
  • Click on ‘Workspace’ tab under the TC name
  • Click on ‘Roster’ on the left side toolbar

To update the voting rights or TC roles, please contact TC Administrator ( or Member Services (

How Do I Open a Ballot?

  • Once you are logged into workspace and navigate to the to your TC’s homepage
  • Click on ‘Workspace’ tab under the TC name
  • Click on the ‘ballot’ button on the right side toolbar
  • Click ‘Add’ and the screen in the picture  below will appear

How Do Access A Document Repository?

  • Once you are logged into workspace and navigate to the to your TC’s homepage
  • Click on ‘Workspace’ tab under the TC name
  • Click the icon next to ‘calendar documents’ to see the drop down and filter to what you need

How Do I Add a Document To My TC’s Repository?

  • Once you are logged into workspace, navigate to your TC’s homepage
  • Click on ‘Workspace’ tab under the TC name
  • Click on ‘Documents’ on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Provide the required information. To upload the document, click on the green ‘Add file’ button under Document Source
  • Be sure to select a folder for the file
  • You can send a message to the TC announcing the file’s upload at the bottom of the form. If the button under Notifications to share the document is clicked, a message will be sent to the TC’s mail list. You can add email addresses to be cc’ed and you can enter a text message in the Submitter note field.
  • Click the blue Add document button.

I’m a Member of Both TCs and OPs. Why Can’t I See the OP Content Yet?

At this time, only the TCs have been migrated into the new workspace. Once we have the new workspace fully functional, we will set a timeline for migrating OPs to the system. The estimated timeline for this is mid-2024.

How Do I Send an Email to My TC?

Your TC now has a new email address for sending to the list. Your new email address can be found on your TC homepage at the top. See the picture below.

Your mail archive will be available in the coming days. Once ready, you will see this history in the “Discussions” tab of your TC’s workspace.

We are aware of a few issues related to email such as threading, long email prefixes, and a few other cosmetic issues. We will look into making improvements once we are able

Where Are the Legacy Wikis?

The legacy wiki pages are still available in our archive which can be found here:

If you have any questions, please contact

How Do I Track My Attendance at Meetings as a Member? 

We are aware that the functionality for tracking attendance is much different than before and will take a little getting used to. Currently, the best way to do this is to RSVP ‘yes’ to the calendar invitation that is sent to you by email from the TC. This is not the same as attendance as this can be done at the time you receive the calendar invitation.

Once you’ve successfully RSVP’d, you should see confirmation on the event page as shown in the screenshot below.

From there, your TC chairs and secretaries will be able to track attendance during the meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact

How Do I Track My Attendance at Meetings as a Chair or Secretary?

The process to track attendance as a Chair or Secretary is a bit different than in Kavi. In the new workspace, members will be able to RSVP their attendance which will put them on a list for Chairs and Secretaries to review.

To see this list, you will need to go to the event page and click the ‘edit’ button next to the event name. (If you do not see this button and you are a TC Chair or Secretary, please reach out to us so we can adjust your permissions.)

From the ‘edit’ dropdown, select ‘manage roster’ as shown below. This will bring up a screen of all RSVPs for the meeting.

TC Chairs/Secretaries will use the thumbs up/down to indicate whether someone is present or not.

If someone attends who did not RSVP, please select the ‘manage’ button > ‘add registrants’ as shown below.

From here, there are two ways to add attendees. 

If you have a small number of people to add, we recommend using ‘specific contacts’ to add attendees.

Type in the TC members name. Don’t forget to check the box ‘mark registrants as attended’ so both their registration and attendance are recorded.

If you have several people to register, select your TC’s name from the drop down menu. 

Note: you should never need to use the ‘new contact’ option as only TC members should be attending TC meetings and their names will be available in the other two methods described here.

From here, you can go through the checklist and select all who are present. Again, don’t forget to check the box at the bottom that says ‘mark registrants as attended’. 

To generate a report of who attended your meeting, go back to the event page and select ‘export’ as shown below.

Note: We’ve noticed that checking people in generates an email to the member which can cause confusion. We are looking into how we can disable this notification.

The first column of the exported report will contain the attendance.

Overall meeting attendance can be seen by going to ‘workspace’ > ‘roster’ > ‘meeting attendance’ as shown below.

This will pull up a cumulative history for attendance. 

Note: we’ve noticed that this can take a while to update once a meeting has finished.

If you have any questions, please contact

How Do I Create an Event?

To create a calendar event, navigate to the TC’s homepage and click on the ‘Meetings’ tab.

From there, click ‘add event’ and fill out the relevant details.

Please be sure to toggle to ‘Yes’ on the ‘Invite all community members when saved’ if you would like your TC to receive a notification of this event. See the picture below.

How Do I Modify an Event?

To make modifications to existing calendar events, please use the ‘edit’ button next to the meeting title. If you do not see this button, please contact the TC Admin ( who can update your permissions. 

Please note: Only changes made to the event are the event’s start or end time, date, timezone, or location will trigger a notification. Any other changes to the event will NOT automatically trigger the Details Changed Notification email. The TC Admin is seeking guidance from the product owner on how to navigate this.

How Do I Cancel an Event?

TC Chairs and Secretaries can cancel events for their TC. 

To do this, please navigate to the the TC’s homepage. Click on the ‘settings’ > ‘manage events’ as shown below. This will pull up a list of all scheduled events that can be modified. 

If you are a TC Chair or Secretary and don’t have the settings tab available to you, please contact Kelly at so we can adjust your permissions.

How Do I Edit My TC’s Homepage?

To edit the content on you TC’s homepage, please 

  • click the ‘settings’ tab on the top 
  • Click ‘additional HTML content’
  • A box will pop up for editing 
  • Click ‘save’ when you are finished editing

If you do not see these options, please reach out to the TC Admin who can assist by adjusting permissions. Only Chairs and Secretaries have the ability to edit this page.

*Note: If you are modifying Chairs or Secretary roles, please also let the TC Admin know so we can update other records accordingly. You are free to edit this page as needed to suit your TC’s needs, but please refrain from deleting the link to the charter. We will find another way to display the charter in the future, but for now, please do not remove the reference.

How Do Non-TC Members Contact the TC? What Is The Equivalent of the TC Comment Mailing List?

We are aware that supporting email lists are currently not available. We will resolve this soon.

My Jira Access is Not Working. What Should I Do?

Jira access has been restored as of Monday, March 25.  Please use the same password you used to log into Kavi to access Jira. 

We will be working on a long-term plan for managing Jira credentials and will communicate to the relevant TCs once we have a plan defined.

If you are affected by this, please contact Kelly at to get this resolved.

What is the Status of the Comment Mailing Lists?

The TC comment lists are still in development. The archives have been retained and will be available soon.

In the interim, we have established a temporary email account ( to accept non-member comments for TCs who wish to send documents out for public reivew.

This means the TC work can progress as normal and the TC Administrator will monitor the email account to ensure any comments are received by the TC in a timely manner.

Please contact Kelly at with any questions.

I Would Like to Receive Plain Text Emails. How Can I Change My Settings?

If you would like to receive plain text emails, please see the picture below for details on which settings to change. 

This needs to be set at an individual level so each person who would like plain text emails will need to change this setting themselves.

How Do I Update the Information in My Profile?

We have received messages from members who are unable to update the information in their profiles in the new workspace. 

We have determined that this is due to the integration of our AMS with the workspace. All changes will need to be originated in the AMS and then pushed to the workspace at the next refresh. Please contact the TC Administrator ( for assistance updating your profile.

Help! I Can’t Find What I Am Looking For. Who Do I Contact?

While we navigate through the early months of this new workspace, the OASIS team has set up a dedicated email for questions. The OASIS team will monitor this account and get back to you as soon as possible. This email is:

You can also contact Kelly, the TC Administrator directly or at

You may continue to email your OASIS staff points of contact directly for all other matters.