This Agreement establishes your organization’s membership in OASIS Open and the terms of your participation in its Technical Committees.


This membership gives your organization the right to be represented on any OASIS Technical Committees and to form new TCs as described in the OASIS TC Process. There is no limit to the number of representatives your organization may designate or the number of Technical Committees you may join.

You agree to the licensing obligations in TCs in which you participate as described by the OASIS IPR Policy for Technical Committees. Some of your licensing obligations may survive the termination of this Agreement and your membership, as more fully described in the IPR Policy.


As a Voting Member of the OASIS Open nonprofit corporation, your organization is eligible to cast a maximum of one vote in all consortium-wide and governance ballots, regardless of how many Technical Committees, Open Projects, or other activities you are engaged in. You are entitled to all other member benefits provided by our rules and procedures.

You agree that, while you are a member, you will abide by the terms of the OASIS Open Bylaws and Antitrust Policy, as posted on our website on the date of this Agreement, as well as any amendments approved and posted thereafter. However, those policy terms generally are subject to your right to withdraw from OASIS membership within 30 days of notice of amendments, if you object to them. No changes to those documents will have retroactive effect.


Your membership begins when this Agreement is signed by both parties and will renew annually on the anniversary date of this Agreement, pending written confirmation from you and OASIS. You may reactivate a lapsed membership by initiating a new membership subscription reaffirming your original Membership Agreement.

You confirm that your organization meets the qualifications for the membership category you have selected, and you agree to notify OASIS if you cease to meet those qualifications. You agree to timely pay the annual dues for your membership category as posted here.

Your membership may be terminated at any time by you (for any reason) or by OASIS (for nonpayment of dues or for cause). On termination or withdrawal, any outstanding dues remain payable, and no refund will be made for dues already paid.

Any transfer of your membership, necessitated by acquisition or merger, requires written consent from OASIS and may also require a new Membership Agreement.


All information and services provided by OASIS Open are provided “AS IS” WITH NO WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise. OASIS Open and your organization each EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM any warranty of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, noninfringement (except as may be provided in the IPR Policy or a CLA), or any warranty otherwise arising out of any proposal, specification, or sample. The AGGREGATE LIABILITY of OASIS Open to you, and of you to OASIS Open, SHALL NOT IN ANY CASE EXCEED THE AMOUNT of your annual dues obligation to OASIS Open.

Notices under this Agreement may be given either by electronic mail or reputable commercial courier to OASIS Open at its headquarters office, and to you at your official address as reported in our records. In order to assure uniform licensing and terms, OASIS does not vary from or waive the standard terms of this Agreement. This is the complete Agreement, and no changes to it are binding unless accepted in writing by both OASIS and you. In case of any conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the terms of the OASIS Open Bylaws, our Bylaws supersede this Agreement.


Both the organization entering into this agreement and the person signing it warrant that the submitter is authorized to bind the organization, and the organization has taken all steps necessary to agree to these terms as a valid legal commitment.