OASIS welcomes donations from organizations and individuals in order to underwrite the cost of Member Section activities.

  • Organizations and individuals may donate any amount to advance the work of a Member Section.
  • Pending Steering Committee approval, a donor may request how their contributed funds are spent (e.g., to defer Member Section meeting costs, produce a brochure, fund a white paper, hire a program manager). The cost of such activities will include administrative expenses or other overhead borne by the Member Section.
  • OASIS members who donate 5,500 USD or more annually (in addition to their OASIS Foundational or Sponsor-level dues) may have their organization's logo linked from every page of the Member Section web site. (Anonymous donations will also be accepted.)
  • In addition to logo placement, OASIS Foundational and Sponsor-level members may receive appropriate credit for specific donations, e.g. "This Member Section white paper was funded by <organization-name>".
  • Benefits currently offered to Member Section Supporting Entities will not change as a result of this program. Supporting Entities will continue to be listed on the Member Section's "members" page, regardless of whether or not they donate extra funds.
  • Donations not spent in full within one year by the Member Section will be reverted to the OASIS general budget.

Contact Member Services for more information on donating to an OASIS Member Sections.