Translating OASIS News

OASIS seeks to provide its bi-weekly newsletter in as many languages as possible. Volunteers interested in translating the newsletter into other languages are always welcome.

How are translations provided?

A mailing list is created by OASIS for each translation. Volunteers are authorized to post to these lists, and the public is invited to subscribe and view the online archives.

How much work is involved?

OASIS News is published bi-weekly; the length varies, but the format is concise. Review the archive for an idea of how much translation is involved.

Twice a month, the newsletter is posted in English to Translators receive the newsletter through that list, then post translations to their language-specific mail lists (generally within two days after the English version is issued). Issues are emailed to the subscribers and automatically archived online.

How are translators credited?

OASIS News translators are recognized for their support of open standards and for enabling broader adoption in their communities. OASIS gratefully acknowledges the work of translators in several ways.

  1. This introduction is featured at the beginning of all translated issues:

    "Welcome to OASIS News, an update of announcements, accomplishments, and activities for the international open standards consortium. OASIS News is translated into <language> by <name of translator> as a voluntary service to the community."

  2. This footer or trailer text is used at the end of every translated issue:

    "This translation of OASIS News is provided as an informational service to the community by <name of translator>. Any inconsistencies between this and the source publication are unintentional."

  3. New translations, crediting the translator by name, are announced to members and the public in OASIS News.

  4. Information on the translation, crediting the volunteer translator, is added to the Newsletters page with a link to the translation's archives.

Contact OASIS Communications to find out more about translating OASIS News.