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New British Smart Cities Specification Uses OASIS Transformational Government Framework

26 February 2014 – BSI (British Standards Institution) today announced its first Smart Cities standard (PAS 181), which builds on the OASIS Transformational Government Framework (TGF). Sponsored by the U.K. Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the BSI Smart Cities Initiative establishes a good practice framework for leaders to develop, agree on, and deliver strategies that can transform their city’s ability to meet future challenges. Developed by members of the OASIS international standards consortium, TGF provides an overall framework for using information technology to improve the delivery of public services.

“Smart Cities need Standards. The UK leads the world in shaping business standards,” said Scott Steedman Director of Standards at BSI. “If we are to make the most of the global opportunities from smart cities, we need to work fast to structure the knowledge that can help city leaders, communities, innovators and technology providers recognize what good looks like and how these concepts can bring benefits for all. I’m delighted that the UK is the first country to publish a set of standards that will help us navigate the governance and leadership challenges that smart technologies bring for cities everywhere.”

Unlike e-Government strategies of the past, the OASIS Transformational Government Framework begins with citizen engagement to assure greater use and return on investment. In addition to defining the framework, TGF identifies use cases and provides adoption guidance for governments around the world, regardless of their history in implementing eGov.

“We are pleased that Britain’s Smart Cities standard draws on TGF, and we look forward to working with BSI on other aspects of their Smart Cities strategy,” said Chris Parker of CS Transform, who represents the OASIS TGF Technical Committee on the BSI Smart Cities working group and is the Technical Author of BSI’s new Smart City Framework.

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