OASIS Announces Successful Completion of Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) Member Section

21 December 2017-- The WS-I Member Section within OASIS will conclude operations at the end of 2017.

Formed in February 2002, the group championed Best Practices for web services interoperability by developing a comprehensive set of Web Services Profiles, Sample Applications and Testing Tools. Three of the Profiles became ISO Standards. In 2011, WS-I became a Member Section within the OASIS open standards consortium.

"WS-I was instrumental in advancing interoperability in the web services marketplace. It enjoyed the support of major WS companies including Fujitsu, Microsoft, Oracle, and Software AG," said Gershon Jansenn, chair of the OASIS Board of Directors. "WS-I members leave behind an amazing legacy of work."

In OASIS, WS-I created the Web Services Basic Reliable and Secure Profiles (WS-BRSP) Technical Committee. The WS-BRSP TC provided maintenance support for WS-I released Profiles, Sample Applications, Testing Tools and the ISO WS-I Profile Standards.

It also brought the Basic Profile 1.2 (BP1.2), Basic Profile 2.0 (BP2.0), Basic Security Profile 1.1 (BSP 1.1), and Reliable and Secure Profile 1.0 (RSP 1.0) to the rigor and precision necessary for an OASIS Specification and Standard; in particular, clarifying the conformance requirements by adding conformance clauses. These are now available as OASIS Committee Specifications.

The OASIS WS-BRSP TC will continue to provide maintenance support for all of its previous work and the following ISO Standards:

  • ISO/IEC JTC 1 Profile Specifications (ISO/IEC 29361:2008 standard Information technology - Web Services Interoperability - WS-I Basic Profile Version 1.1;
  • ISO/IEC 29362:2008 standard Information technology - Web Services Interoperability - WS-I Attachments Profile Version 1.0; and
  • ISO/IEC 29363:2008 document Information technology - Web Services Interoperability - WS-I Simple SOAP Binding Profile Version 1.0).

OASIS will provide public access to the WS-I deliverables and archives in perpetuity.

"Fujitsu was honored to play leadership and technical roles in the important work done by WS-I and the OASIS WS-I Member Section. By developing both Standards Profiles and the testing tools necessary to assure their interoperability in a multi-vendor environment, WS-I made great strides in the implementation of web services applications in the industry. We commend all who contributed to these efforts," said Masaya Yamada, Sr Director Service Platform Strategy & Planning Office Global Business Strategy Unit, Fujitsu.

"WS-I Profile specifications, tools and testing were pivotal in bringing interoperability to Web Services. The transposing of the WS-I Profile specifications to ISO/IEC JTC 1 standards blazed a trail for other consortia seeking an International Standard imprimatur. Oracle congratulates OASIS on their stewardship of this work, enhancing and maintaining the WS-I specifications. We are proud to have played a leadership role in both WS-I, which demonstrated how multi-vendor collaboration on standards can succeed, and the OASIS WS-I Member Section, which successfully completed this effort," said Don Deutsch, VP and Chief Standards Officer, Oracle.


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