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OASIS Approves New Version of CMIS Standard for Content in the Cloud

Alfresco, ASG, Booz Allen Hamilton, EMC, HP, IBM, ISIS Papyrus, Liferay, Magnolia, Microsoft, Nuxeo, Oracle, SAP, and Others Advance Widely Used Content Management Standard

Boston, MA, USA; 1 July 2013 – The OASIS international consortium today announced the approval of version 1.1 of Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS), a broadly adopted open standard that enables information to be shared across Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repositories from different vendors. CMIS 1.1 is now an official OASIS Standard, a status that signifies the highest level of ratification.

CMIS frees content trapped in traditional “content silos” and facilitates “content in the cloud” and mobile computing. The standard is designed to be easily layered on top of most content management systems to provide a common interface for generic content management functions.

“CMIS has been a key enabler of multivendor connectivity in the ECM world. Making it easier to interconnect and leverage content repositories in the cloud is the next wave as companies embrace the cloud in all of its permutations — whether via public clouds, private clouds, or hybrid cloud/on-premise architectures — to improve the productivity of their information workers and streamline their document-intensive business processes,” said IDC’s Melissa Webster, Program Vice President, Content & Digital Media Technologies for the analyst firm.

“CMIS has been a game-changer for the market ever since version 1.0 was approved in 2010. Re-pository vendors across the board now offer CMIS services for their products, and application de-velopers use CMIS to access and manage content. CMIS 1.1 was developed to directly address feedback gained from this broad knowledge base of experience,” said David Choy, chair of the OASIS CMIS Technical Committee.

Functionality added in version 1.1 includes type mutability, which allows CMIS clients to create, modify, and delete type and property definitions for repositories. Supports for object retention and hold are added. Named sets of properties can now be dynamically added and removed from indi-vidual CMIS objects. Very large uploads of document contents can be broken into smaller calls to append content. Repositories can now list supported extensions or additional CMIS-based standards for CMIS clients to discover. A JSON-base protocol binding is also added to facilitate browser-based CMIS clients.

Alfresco Software, SAP, and the Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS all verified implementations of CMIS 1.1, in accordance with OASIS policy.

CMIS is offered for implementation on a royalty-free basis. Participation in the OASIS CMIS Technical Committee is open to all companies, non-profit groups, governments, academic institu-tions, and individuals. As with all OASIS projects, archives of the Committees’ work are accessible to both members and non-members, and OASIS hosts an open mail list for public comment.

Support for CMIS 1.1

“Alfresco remains committed to open source and open standards and CMIS 1.1 represents a major advance in our continuing efforts to standardize and simplify access to content. We are proud to have been a leader in the development of this important standard and in providing one of the first implementations.”
— John Newton, Chairman and CTO, Alfresco Software

“ASG joined the CMIS Technical Committee at its inception and is pleased that CMIS 1.1 takes significant steps forward in repository interoperability – while increasing the reach of the standard into records management. As long-time leaders in content integration/records management, ASG looks forward to the ongoing evolution of its solutions to support CMIS. We are pleased to support the increasing demand of customers for standards-based interoperability and anticipate continued participation in these efforts with OASIS.”
— Celso Rodriguez, Sr. Director of Software Architecture, ASG Software Solutions

ISIS Papyrus
“As an OASIS Foundational Sponsor, ISIS Papyrus participates in shaping the CMIS standard to ensure archive and content management systems become a well-managed back-end to ‘Systems of Engagement’. CMIS 1.1 is an important step forward, and widespread industry adoption continues. Enterprises requiring access to multiple content platforms should request that vendors adhere to this standard for long-term stability, as well as vendor and software version independence.”
— Max J. Pucher, co-founder /CTO, ISIS Papyrus

“Nuxeo’s continued commitment to the CMIS standard aligns with our core values of open stand-ards, benefiting our customers who have multiple systems that need to interact. For CMIS 1.1, we’re particularly excited about secondary object types, allowing us to expose natively our notion of a facet, and browser bindings, allowing easier and faster access by light JavaScript applications.”
— Florent Guillaume, Head of R&D, Nuxeo

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