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OASIS Executive Director

OASIS, the highly respected global standards body at the forefront of evolution and innovation in the open source and standards worlds, is seeking an Executive Director.

OASIS holds a standards portfolio that touches most people’s lives every day. We’ve recently launched a first-of-its-kind program to support community development of open source projects paving our way to recognition in international policy and procurement. OASIS is seeking a highly motivated, innovative Executive Director with the passion, vision and experience to lead our organization into new opportunities, enhancing our core services while remaining true to our culture of respect and our philosophy of openness and transparency.

In this role, you will work on a team of creative, interesting, talented people and help drive a broad technical agenda that encompasses cybersecurity, privacy, blockchain, cryptography, cloud computing, IoT, legal, emergency management, urban transportation, and more.


Grow and sustain the community.

▪ Develop and nurture member relationships. Continually deliver and refine compelling membership benefits that drive more engaged participation.
▪ Secure new projects. Identify opportunities by tracking trends in technology. Conduct high-level outreach to prospects. Leverage and expand your professional network.
▪ Fuel sense of pride within the OASIS community. Help ensure participants understand the value of continued membership and sponsorship, celebrate group achievements and progress.
▪ Assess and enhance collaboration tools and practices in cooperation with our Chief Technology Steward to ensure our services meet and exceed member expectations. Stay current on new technologies. Be aware of methods in use at related associations.
▪ Create and maintain mutually beneficial working relationships with organizations that have related goals, including ISO, IEC, ITU, The Linux Foundation, Eclipse, Apache, HL7, and others.

Evangelize, educate, advocate.

▪ Serve as primary spokesperson, representing OASIS and our hosted projects in external relations with the technology community, press and analysts, and the public and private sectors.
▪ Maintain a strong online presence by blogging, tweeting, and posting on topics and issues of interest to the OASIS community.
▪ Oversee outreach and promotional campaigns in cooperation with Chief Development Officer.
Develop strategy.
▪ Develop and implement organizational goals, strategic plans, and projections for supporting the mission of OASIS in cooperation with staff and the Board of Directors.
▪ Evaluate results of programs and activities with the goal of continuous improvement.
▪ Continue to foster an environment that encourages cooperation between the staff, Board, and members to meet OASIS goals. Encourage staff, members, and participants to explore creative solutions and innovative approaches to achieve our objectives.
Run the business.
▪ Ensure new projects are in keeping with the mission of OASIS and may realistically be achieved via available resources.
▪ Oversee financial management for the consortium in cooperation with the Chief Operating Officer. Possess thorough understanding of organization’s finances, accounting practices, and required record keeping.
▪ Provide information to the Board of Directors to assist them in making decisions on policy setting and other matters necessary to fulfill their responsibilities to the organization. Report on financial status, funding projections, planning, project operations, employee matters, and the long-term health of OASIS.
▪ Maintain and adapt the organizational structure, systems, and tools necessary for OASIS to carry out its mission.
▪ Implement consistent measures for tracking results and determining success in meeting organizational goals.
▪ Oversee all staff hiring, termination, and other personnel-related matters.


● Passion and belief that this space is critical for the successful development of technology and advancement of society.
● Strong technical proficiency and experience in open source and standards communities.
● At least five years of executive leadership, entrepreneurial, or relevant experience.
● Successful track record of fiscal oversight of an organization of comparable size and complexity.
● Experience reporting to and working with an avid and engaged Board of Directors.
● Excellence in organizational management with the ability to supervise and motivate staff.
● Proven track record setting and achieving strategic objectives.
● Experience and passion for working in the technology and nonprofit sectors.
● Ability to engage and work effectively in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, regions, and cultures.
● Persuasive, passionate, and professional communicator, both written and oral.
● Self-motivated, consensus-building attitude.
● Ability to work successfully as a member of a remote team
● Ability to work within a budget.
● Willing to travel at least 20%, including to OASIS offices/staff locations, Board meetings, and relevant industry conferences/events.
● B.A. or B.S degree or comparable industry experience.

Interested candidates should send their confidential inquiry to

General Contracting Opportunities

From time to time, in connection with its activities in support of standardization-related projects, OASIS enters into independent contractor arrangements with appropriate professionals, usually on a limited, part-time basis, with a defined scope for the completion of specific projects. Typical engagements include specification or schema editing work, the analysis and preparation of reports on particular standards artifacts, and similar projects. Some level of domain expertise or experience is usually required.

The availability of these projects depends on community demand and funding availability from a variety of sources. Persons who would like to be considered for potential work on future projects may contact us, with resume information and an indication of expertise or interest, at