Bret Jordan

Bret Jordan serves on the OASIS Board of Directors; his term extends until July 2020. Bret is Technical Director in the Office of the CTO at Broadcom.

Bret works on advanced technologies, cybersecurity architecture, and leads cybersecurity standards worldwide at Broadcom. He collaborates with government agencies, critical infrastructure, industry thought leaders, and academic researchers around the world to help drive creative new technologies and solutions that can protect systems and data crucial to our way of life.

Bret has led several initiatives to drive internal innovation, create new technologies, and advance automated and collaborative cyber threat intelligence, and mitigation/remediation sharing across the industry. In addition, he has supported and worked with product management and product engineering teams to help build and deliver award winning cybersecurity solutions.

Bret has over 25 years of experience leading global enterprises, startups, academic institutions and nonprofits. His current positions include Technical Director Office of the CTO at Broadcom, Board Member at OASIS, CIO Pro Bono at Carden Memorial School, and chair, editor and contributor on several internet standards from OASIS, IETF, and ITU. He has presented several times at RSA, ISC2 Security Congress, FS-ISAC, ITU, FIRST, and ENISA conferences. Bret enjoys working on hard problems and helping design solutions that can change the world.

Bret's current research includes threat intelligence, secure identity, automated cybersecurity playbooks, and the impacts of 5G, IoT, Quantum, AI/ML, and cryptography on cybersecurity and society. He has also worked on core Internet standards, policies, and procedures for large enterprises, and knows how to enable commonality across wide and diverse groups of eclectic users. 

At OASIS, in addition to being a member of the Board of Directors, Bret is Co-Chair of the STIX Subcommittee, Chair of the TAXII Subcommittee, and Co-Chair of the CACAO Technical Committee.