Frederick Hirsch

Frederick Hirsch serves as Chair of the OASIS Board of Directors and also as Chair of the Board Staffing Committee; his term extends to July 2016. Frederick is a Standards Manager at Fujitsu. He has extensive distributed systems, security, and privacy experience, having worked at Nokia, AT&T Bell Laboratories, BBN, OSF Research Institute, and CertCo, as well as smaller companies.

Frederick participates in the Privacy By Design Documentation for Software Engineers (PbD-SE) Technical Committee and previously served as an editor in the SAML, WSS and DSS Technical Committees. He has chaired the OASIS Board IPR Committee.

Frederick is also active in the W3C as the Co-Chair of the Web Annotations Working Group, Chair of the Device APIs Working Group, and Chair of the XML Security Working Group. He has been active in Web Services and Identity Management in the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), Liberty Alliance (ID-WSF 2.0 editor) and WS-I Basic Security Profile group.  He has also contributed at the W3C as editor in the WS- Policy and XKMS Working Groups.  Frederick is co-author of the book Mobile Web Services: Architecture and Implementation. His blog is Thinking Generally.

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