Nima Dokoohaki, PhD


Nima Dokoohaki, PhD, serves on the Board of Directors; his term extends through 2023. Nima is a data science and engineering expert working with the Swedish Accenture Applied Intelligence, part of Accenture Strategy and Consulting (S&C AI) team, a group focusing on delivering business value to clients using data analytics. He has a PhD in applied machine learning and a Master of Engineering degree in distributed systems engineering, both from KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Nima first came to know about OASIS through ebXML where he wrote his bachelor report on how to adopt ebXML for the local government and businesses. He was an active individual contributor to OASIS for 2006-2008 years where he contributed to several standardization activities generally on Semantics and Web Services. During the following years he worked with the European Commission on adoption of semantic web and services standards across their framework program, as well as from an enterprise architecture standpoint for OASIS standards in the Telco domain. He has recently been working on graph analytics from the data governance level which brought to notice potential structured standards on enterprise scale. He has several years of practical knowledge of the adoption of many enterprise data-centric products from both enterprise architecture as well as enterprise analytics perspectives across several European industries.