Hal Lockhart

Hal Lockhart is an internationally known security architect, consultant, author and lecturer. Until recently he represented Oracle (and previously BEA) in information security-related standards activities at various bodies including OASIS, IETF, JCP, W3C, Liberty Alliance, OpenAz open source project, OMG and Open Group. At OASIS he is the co-chair of the XACML TC and an active member of a number of other TCs. He has been a frequent speaker on standards and technology at public events around the world. In his more than 30 years in the software industry, he has worked in nearly every aspect of the business. He has been an application developer, kernel engineer, systems architect, engineering manager, operations manager, consultant, author, Director of Security and standards representative. He has worked in development, operations, service delivery, marketing and sales, in large companies and small ones as well as consulting at many Fortune 500 companies.