Chet Ensign

Chet Ensign (, Director of Standards Development and TC Administration, supports members in the creation of quality standards, specifications, and related documents that meet both the requirements of the OASIS TC Process and the needs of the international community. He provides TC participants with instruction, guidance, assistance, and arbitration and acts as TC liaison to OASIS management and Board of Directors. Chet serves as an evangelist, advocating the OASIS standards model, identifying opportunities, and encouraging new work. Actively involved with the consortium since it was founded in 1993, Chet created its first website ("SGML Open House"). He was a member of the Technical Architecture Board from 2002-2005 and co-chaired the LegalXML Legislative Documents TC from 2002-2004. Chet has been engaged in standards throughout his career, leading the SGML Forum of New York and participating in the development of the PRISM specification at IDEAlliance as well as in its XMP Open Leadership Council. In his day jobs, Chet has managed the application of XML and related standards to build highly effective enterprise-scale electronic publishing and content management systems. He is the author of two books on SGML. Chet is based in Maplewood, New Jersey, USA.

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