James Bryce Clark

James Bryce Clark (jamie.clark@oasis-open.org) is a senior executive and General Counsel of OASIS.  Previously he was its Director of Standards, responsible for supervising 60+ industry expert committees.

Jamie is an e-commerce and information technology attorney who began his practice as a corporate restructuring lawyer with Shearman & Sterling at 53 Wall Street in New York.  He represented high technology companies in finance and corporate transactions through the 1990's, and served two terms as chair of the ABA's original subcommittee on electronic commerce.  While a practicing attorney, he was a contributor and co-editor of the business process standards for the original ebXML project (ISO 15000) and chairman of the ebXML coordinating Committee.  Before OASIS, he was the vice president and general counsel of a healthcare e-commerce privacy & security company, and a corporate partner in a Los Angeles law firm.  He is associated of counsel with a Los Angeles corporate boutique law practice.

Jamie served as a US delegate to the e-commerce working group of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL);  is a member of the W3C Advisory Committee, Kantara Initiative's Assurance Review Board, and OECD's Internet Technical Advisory Committee; and provides expert support to the NSTIC IDESG identity management project, US-PM-ISE's standards coordinating council for cybersecurity infosharing, and the European Commission's ICT multistakeholder panel's public sector standardization rolling plan.   He is a frequent speaker on internet, privacy and licensing laws, as well as corporate securitizations & finance workouts.  Jamie holds JD and BSc degrees from the University of Minnesota, and is based in Los Angeles.  He microblogs as @JamieXML on Twitter.

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