Robin Cover

Robin Cover (, Director of Information Services at OASIS, has provided support and guidance to the consortium since 1998—and to the field of structured information standards for more than two decades. He is best known as editor of The Cover Pages, an online library dedicated to open standards-based solutions that protect digital information and enhance the quality of data processing. Sponsored by members of OASIS, The Cover Pages web site is the current incarnation of a public access knowledgebase maintained by Robin since work on SGML/XML began in 1986. Robin also publishes  XML Daily Newslink, a newsletter that provides citations and summaries of the most relevant news stories published on XML and related IT standards. At OASIS, Robin plays a major role in ensuring open access to information and support for the standards development process. He provides requirements analysis and conceptual model design to support internal and external applications conforming to Web Architecture best practices. Robin was a recipient of the IDEAlliance XML Cup Award in 2004. His interest in humanities computing began in 1979 with a project focused on the development of syntactic encoding for ancient Hebrew language. His post-graduate academic programs and teaching in the area of semitics and oriental studies run parallel to long-standing interest in linguistic and literary analysis of text using computers. SGML first captured Robin's attention in 1986 when he envisioned the value of descriptive markup for encoding a machine-independent representation of multilingual text. He became "bibliographer at large" for SGML and related standards, maintaining an online reference collection supporting markup theory and praxis. Robin has served on the TEI Text Representation Committee and Textual Criticism Working Group. He also served for several years as Program Chair of the Computer Assisted Research Group (CARG) for the Society of Biblical Literature/American Academy of Religion. Robin is based in Dallas.