Case Studies

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ebXML Messaging

Norwegian e-Health Infrastructure based on XML, ebXML and PKI: Trygdeetaten Case Study

Norway's National Insurance Administration (NIA) upgraded the EDI-based communications infrastructure it used to connect to its business partners with a new architecture based on open standards, including the ebXML Messaging OASIS Standard, ISO 15000-2. NIA's ebXML Message service was built using the Xenos terminalONE end-to-end, transaction gateway solution. To date, NIA's system is in production with four applications, and has transported several million ebXML messages corresponding to transactions totaling more than 10 billion Norwegian Kroner (equivalent to 1.2 billion EURO, or 1.5 billion USD).

This case study was authored by Pim van der Eijk on behalf of OASIS with cooperation from the NIA. Funding was provided by Xenos, a Sponsor member of OASIS.

T-Mobile International ebXML B2B Gateway Solution

International mobile communications carrier, TMobile, operates a production ebXML-based B2B gateway, which implements the ebXML Message Service and the ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement OASIS Standards. T-Mobile selected the Axway Synchrony Gateway: Interchange™ product for this implementation. The gateway currently processes approximately one thousand ebXML B2B messages per hour from ten business partners of T-Mobile and other business units of Deutsche Telekom, T-Com, and T-Systems.

This case study was authored by Pim van der Eijk on behalf of OASIS with cooperation from T-Mobile. Funding was provided by Axway, a Sponsor member of OASIS.

The UK's National Programme for Information Technology (NPfIT) is the world's largest civil IT project. A central component of the NHS Care Records Service is the Transactional Messaging Service (TMS) Spine using the ebXML Messaging Service OASIS Standard. It is likely to become one of the largest applications of this technical specification.