AS4 Profile of ebMS 3.0 v1.0

The OASIS ebMS 3.0 Standard combined multiple Web Service standards to create a single comprehensive specification for defining the secure and reliable exchange of documents using Web Services. The AS4 profile of the ebMS 3.0 specification was developed in order to bring continuity to the principles and simplicity that made AS2 successful, while adding better compliance to Web Services standards, and features such as message pulling capability and a built-in Receipt mechanism.

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OASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC

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January 2013

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ISO 15000-2:2021

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[AS4-Profile ]
AS4 Profile of ebMS 3.0 Version 1.0. Edited by Jacques Durand and Pim van der Eijk. 23 January 2013. OASIS Standard. Latest version: