Telecom SOA Use Cases and Issues Version 1.0

Collecting potential technical issues and gaps of SOA standards (specified by OASIS and other SDOs) utilized within the context of Telecoms.

All perceived technical issues on SOA standards contained in this document are structured with a description of the context, a use case, and a rationalization of the possible gap within the standard.

Amongst future deliverables of the SOA-TEL TC there is a Requirements specification, which will aim to extend the current core SOA enabling stack (Web Services and/or REST, etc.) in support of Telecom needs on the basis of the issues identified within the present document.

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OASIS SOA for Telecom (SOA-Tel) TC

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March 2010

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Telecom SOA Use Cases and Issues Version 1.0. Edited by Enrico Ronco. 09 March 2010. OASIS Committee Specification 01. Latest version: