Exchange Header Envelope (XHE) Version 1.0

Defines a business-oriented artefact either referencing (as a header) or containing (as an envelope) a payload of one or more business documents or other artefacts with supplemental semantic information about the collection of payloads as a whole. This is distinct from any transport-layer infrastructure header or envelope that may be required to propagate documents from one system to another. An exchange header envelope describes contextual information important to the sender and receiver about the payloads, without having to modify the payloads in any fashion.

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OASIS Business Document Exchange (BDXR) TC

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March 2019

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[XHE-V1.0] Exchange Header Envelope (XHE) Version 1.0. Edited by G. Ken Holman. 21 March 2019. OASIS Committee Specification 01. Latest version: