Drummond Reed

OASIS strikes the right balance between the amount of structure you need for real standards and the amount of flexibility you need for cutting-edge innovation.

Tim Hudson

At OASIS, you don’t have to be a large vendor to influence work. Of all the standards bodies we’ve participated in, OASIS is the only one we recommend with no hesitation. It is a group that simply works.

John Tolbert

I always encourage vendors with products related to access control, security, or cloud computing to join the appropriate OASIS Technical Committees and contribute to the standards work. We all benefit that way.

Pim van der Eijk

OASIS members continue to amaze me by their deep knowledge of technology. I can ask a question on a TC call and get more valuable feedback in minutes than I would from spending days in a conference.

Peter Brown

One thing that makes OASIS stand out is its openness. It’s not just that the standards are open and freely available in perpetuity, but also that the whole process is open.

Jay Brown

OASIS TC members act like extra QA resources for one another. We put our products together and shake out incompatibility issues. Finding those before we ship is invaluable.

Greg Trott

OASIS provides an auditable, transparent and justifiable process. It makes it easy for anyone to understand how the CAP-AU Profile was developed.

Adam Wyner, Dr.

OASIS gives me access to very high-level colleagues. Every TC meeting is like an intensive research seminar on a topic in our field.

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