Webinar Series

Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) enables users to manage the entire lifecycle of application and network services, from initial service design through service deployment all the way to ongoing service management. TOSCA is widely used and vendor independent. It works across multiple clouds and network technologies, which allows architects to focus on application design and requirements without being bogged down by the ever-changing specificity of the infrastructure.

The OASIS Open TOSCA technical development team brings you this unique opportunity to learn how TOSCA is used for real-world application and deployment scenarios. Leading developers and users of TOSCA have agreed to share their experiences with the broader community during a 2021 webinar series. They will show demonstrations of TOSCA-based systems and examples of TOSCA service templates. They’ll also explain the unique benefits of TOSCA for their application domains. The series will span over 6 months featuring monthly implementation stories leading up to the release of TOSCA 2.0, which has improved the standard to further align it with modern development paradigms, including cloud-native and microservices.

TOSCA is developed under the OASIS Open Consortium. Members include Cisco, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Huawei, IBM, NEC Corporation, NetApp, NetCracker, U.S. NIST, Red Hat, SAP and many more. For more on TOSCA, visit the website.

Who should attend?

This series of events are suitable for network operators, service providers, cloud brokers, application providers, tooling providers, and so on.

Series schedule

The OASIS Open TOSCA leaders are proud to bring you this informative webinar series designed to explain the different facets of TOSCA through real-world implementations.
Take-aways include a clear understanding of:   

  • WHAT it is used for,
  • WHY it is important,
  • HOW to find helpful implementation resources, and
  • WHERE you can get started on your implementation!

Visit our TOSCA Playlist on YouTube.

Recorded Implementation Stories

Turandot: A Lightweight Open-Source Orchestrator That Enables TOSCA for Kubernetes
Guest Speaker: Tal Liron, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Inter-Cloud Computing: How TOSCA Helps Open Telekom Cloud Users Run Anywhere
Guest Speakers: Dr. Tri Vo, Cloud Architect at T-Systems and Alexander Navratil, Chapterlead Architect at T-Systems

Will Cloud Architecture Conquer the Heart of Industrial Manufacturing – Using TOSCA?
Guest Speakers: John Casey CTO and Cofounder of CPLANE.ai, and Co-chair of the Orchestration Sub-Committee in the Open Process Automation Forum and Brandon Williams, Cofounder of CPLANE.ai and Former Nuclear Submarine Officer

Ubicity: Pure TOSCA Orchestration
Guest Speaker: Chris Lauwers, CEO, Ubicity Corporation

Commercial Network Services Lifecycle Management Using Model Driven Software Automation
Guest Speakers: Gaurav Khandpur, Director, Software Engineering, Comcast and Pattabi Ayyasami, Principal Engineer, Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Holistic modeling of HPC, FaaS, and Edge applications with RADON and SODALITE TOSCA extensions
Guest Speakers: Giuliano Casale, Reader, Imperial College London; Domenico Presenza, Senior Researcher, Engineering R&D Lab; Dragan Radolović, Project Manager, XLAB Research; and Kamil Tokmakov, SODALITE Project

How can the TOSCA practitioners benefit from xOpera project?
Guest Speakers: Matija Cankar, Researcher and Project Manager, XLAB and Anže Luzar, Software Developer and Researcher, XLAB