US Technical Advisory Group to ISO/PC 317

The International Standards Organization (ISO) Project Committee 317 is developing a global consumer privacy standard that can be embedded into the design of products and services. The US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) represents American interests in ISO/PC 317. The TAG is comprised of privacy experts from premiere U.S.-based organizations committed to consumer privacy.

OASIS partners with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to administer the US TAG. The chair is Jonathan Fox of Cisco and the vice chair is Debra Farber of Amazon.

Current Members

Comcast Cable

Indeed, Inc

TrustArc Inc



US TAG membership

Funding for the US TAG is provided by members in the group. TAG members receive:

  • Global recognition among regulators and consumers as proactive players in the consumer privacy space
  • Official voice in the global debate on privacy
  • Ability to ensure the US position on privacy issues is represented in the ISO standard and in any compliance requirements that result from the work. (Without the TAG, the US would be limited to Observer status in ISO/PC 317)
  • Ability to ensure their organization’s position on privacy issues is represented in ISO/PC 317
  • Promotional benefits: press releases, webinars, and focused events

TAG membership is open to all organizations doing business in the US. For more information, contact: