OASIS members leverage their participation in the consortium to expand markets, advance new ideas, and protect their interests, while collaborating within a safe, neutral environment.

OASIS embodies unique policies, processes, and programs that promote diversity and innovation and deliver core benefits to all organizational members.

Our widely respected technical process allows you to influence the standards that affect your work, contribute specifications for advancement, start new activities, encourage convergence, and fast track approved standards through ISO, ITU, or another de jure bodies.

Our democratic governance means you determine which specifications are ratified as OASIS Standards. You have the opportunity to chair committees, nominate leaders, serve on our Board of Directors or Technical Advisory Board.

Our international member base and liaison activities connect you with trading partners, enable you to forge marketing and development alliances, and collaborate with potential customers and suppliers.

Our strategic insight gives you exclusive access to insider information that will help you stay informed on developments that affect you. Sponsor members may schedule private briefings with OASIS executives to align their organization’s strategies and Committee participation.

Our promotional outreach raises your visibility and credibility with press, analysts, and investors. You may receive recognition for your role as an open standards leader in OASIS press releases, web sites, newsletters, and data sheets. We offer many avenues for promoting your news, maximizing your press coverage, and driving traffic to your web site. Members also take advantage of opportunities to speak at conferences, promote their products at OASIS Interop demos, and connect with prospects via open standards webinars.

Our Intellectual Property Rights Policy assures implementers worldwide that OASIS Standards can be adopted with confidence and encourages the submission of relevant work into the open standards process. Each Committee chooses one of four IPR modes under which it will operate, allowing work to be developed under one of two options for Royalty-Free or RAND licensing.

Our Member Section program enables you to consolidate your efforts by transitioning other initiatives and trade groups to OASIS. We provide administrative support, member services, and access to our respected technical process, member base, and international liaisons. Each Member Section retains governance and control over a portion of its members’ dues.

Core benefits of membership

Organizations are encouraged to involve as many employees as they choose in as many OASIS Committees as they wish. Managers contribute to use case scenarios and business requirements, developers collaborate to craft specifications, marketing professionals advance adoption, public relations representatives promote messaging to the media, policy makers advocate for interoperability and open standards, executives set strategy, and academics contribute new research ideas and track progress.

OASIS offers all participants unique opportunities to accelerate interoperability, build partnerships, gain valuable insight, and profit by association.

  • Accelerate interoperability

    The primary benefit of OASIS membership is the power to influence the open standards that shape business and society. OASIS members:

    • develop work that is accepted as the product of a respected open process
    • initiate new Committees to address specific interoperability goals
    • contribute work for advancement within the broader community
    • build consensus for business requirements
    • promote adoption of existing standards
    • unify fragmented efforts and encourage convergence where appropriate to speed implementation
    • define XML vocabularies with others in your industry
    • protect development efforts from single-vendor bias and foster a greater variety of competitive solutions
    • identify gaps and recommend solutions
    • encourage open standards to be developed under IPR modes that best meet the needs of the marketplace, including Royalty-Free licensing terms
  • Build partnerships

    Joining the OASIS community provides the opportunity to work alongside the industry’s most influential experts. OASIS members:

    • share information and gain insight from one another
    • stay current with inside information available to OASIS members only
    • benefit from OASIS involvement in and coordination of standards efforts around the world
    • build on work that’s already been done, saving time and reducing the risk of redundancy and fragmentation
    • forge profitable alliances with potential customers, suppliers, business partners, and policy makers
  • Gain insight

    Keeping others at your organization informed on breaking advances in technology is a significant advantage. OASIS members:

    • gain access to early drafts of new specifications
    • track development of emerging standards and predict their impact on the marketplace
    • observe technical work from the inside before committing to it publicly
  • Profit by association

    OASIS Sponsors are identified for their contributions to open standards. They:

    • gain credibility through exposure to editors and industry analysts
    • receive respect from the investment community
    • connect with candidates for potential mergers or acquisitions


Contact OASIS staff to discuss the specific opportunities membership offers your organization.