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New OASIS Process Supports XML Industry Standards Development

03 October 2000 OASIS MEMBER NEWS New OASIS Process Supports XML Industry Standards Development XML Consortium Adopts Bylaws to Foster Open XML Standards

XML Consortium Adopts Bylaws to Foster Open XML Standards

Boston, MA USA and London, England; October 3, 2000–OASIS, the XML interoperability consortium, has expanded its technical process for the development of industrial XML standards. The Consortium recently expanded its bylaws to implement a new model of technical committee organization that, in essence, allows OASIS to become a home for industry-specific XML application development. Instead of establishing separate governance and infrastructure, vertical industry groups are now free to develop XML standards within OASIS. The new OASIS development process is open, accountable, democratic, language-neutral, flexible and scalable.

“XML is a framework for the development of industry data standards,” said Jon Bosak of Sun Microsystems, who organized and led the working group that created XML. “Without a legally accountable, open development process, XML standards are likely to be established by, and engineered to benefit, just a few large corporate players, locking out small- to medium-size enterprises. By establishing a framework for the open development of XML standards, OASIS puts the present and future control over such standards firmly in the hands of those who will use them. “

Bosak chaired the OASIS Process Advisory Committee (PAC), which drafted the new bylaws.

“XML standards developed over the next few years will form an essential part of the IT infrastructure for decades to come,” commented Laura Walker, executive director of OASIS. “OASIS is widely recognized as the open forum where industry leaders put aside competitive differences and come together to solve business problems with XML. We have the critical mass to insure standards developed within OASIS will be adopted by industries around the world.”


OASIS is the world’s largest independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the standardization of XML applications. In addition to its technical work on areas as varied as XML conformance and XML repository standards, OASIS hosts several independent initiatives. ebXML is a joint effort of the United Nations CEFACT and OASIS to establish a global framework that will enable XML to be used in a consistent manner for the exchange of all electronic business data. CGM Open, is a consortium within OASIS dedicated to advancing CGM and other web graphics standards. The XML Cover Pages is widely regarded as the most comprehensive online reference work for XML and other structured information standards. OASIS also hosts the XML.ORG Registry, the open community clearinghouse of XML application schemas.

OASIS sponsors include Adobe Systems, Aerospatiale, AND Data Solutions, Arbortext, Auto-trol Technology, B-Bop Associates, BEA Systems, Bentley Systems, Boeing, Bowstreet, Bridge, BroadVision, Chrystal Software, Cohesia, Commerce One, DataChannel, Dataloom, Deutsche Post AG, DMSi, Documentum,, Enigma, eXcelon, Extensibility, Extricity Software, First Call, IBM, InformIT, Informix, Infoteria, Interwoven, IPNet Solutions, ISOGEN, ITEDO, JetForm, Keyfile, Logistics Management Institute, Mercator Software, Micrografx, Microsoft, Netfish, NextPage, NII Enterprise Promotion Association, Nimble Technology, NIST, ObjectSpace, Oracle Corporation, Pick Systems, ProNet Technology, Reuters, Sabre, SAP, Sequoia Software, SoftQuad, Software AG, STEP, StreamServe, Sun Microsystems, Synth-Bank, Visa, Wavo, Webb Interactive Services, webMethods, Whitehill Technologies, Xerox, XML Global, XMLSolutions and XyEnterprise.

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