Press Release Expands As Online Resource for XML in Industry

OASIS Portal Adds Content, New Interface and Industry-Specific Classification

Boston, MA, USA; 7 June 2001- OASIS, the XML interoperability consortium, announced a major expansion of its web site as the clearinghouse for information on the use of XML in industry. In addition to providing a comprehensive, non-commercial body of XML initiatives and schema listings, now supports online collaboration and information exchange categorized for specific vertical industries. serves as an online XML content aggregator, repository and portal, created by and for the XML community at-large. “The very nature of XML-its extensibility-has resulted in much confusion for implementers and users seeking to apply the standard to their specific industries,” noted Leo Kraunelis, general manager of “ offers a non-commercial resource where visitors can cut through the overlap and confusion and view content categorized for their specific needs.” builds industry communities through specialized e-mail discussion forums, such as XML Dev, Internet messages boards, calendars, newsletters, repositories for schemas and marketplace information and links to other XML resources. also works in conjunction with a broad range of industry and trade associations to make their activities accessible to the public. “ is one more example of how OASIS works to unite the XML community,” explained Laura Walker, executive director of OASIS. “By bringing people together in an online exchange of information, fosters involvement that may, in turn, lead to new OASIS technical work.” is funded by corporate sponsors that include IBM, Sun Microsystems, SAP, Oracle, Altova, Softquad Software, Documentum and XML Journal. Sponsorship opportunities, ranging from 2,000 to 100,000 USD, are available, and interested parties are encouraged to contact Leo Kraunelis, for details. About XML.ORG XML.ORG ( is an open community resource for advancing XML industry standardization. Hosted by OASIS, XML.ORG operates as a centralized portal that provides valuable information to technologists and business people developing purpose-built XML languages. About OASIS OASIS ( is an international, not-for-profit consortium that advances electronic business by promoting open, collaborative development of interoperability specifications. With the United Nations, OASIS sponsors ebXML, a global framework for electronic business data exchange. OASIS serves as the home for industry groups interested in developing XML specifications. OASIS technical work embraces conformance, security, business transactions, repositories and other interoperability issues. For more information: Carol Geyer Director of Communications OASIS +1 978.667.5115 x209 Industry Support for “Altova has actively supported the XML community from the start; Altova recently sponsored ebXML in Vienna (Austria) and has now joined OASIS as a sponsor for the platform to foster growth in the industry and the application of XML technologies.’s online information exchange will enable a new generation of content and e-business applications and will encourage both the semantic web and B2B exchange efforts. I applaud the new design of the re-launched site, which makes this content even more accessible. Altova will continue to support with a direct web link from the upcoming 4.0 version of our award-winning XML Spy Development Environment (” Alexander Falk, President & CEO, Altova, Inc. “As a leading platform provider of XML content management, Documentum is seeing adoption of XML across all verticals. will serve as a valuable resource not only helping businesses understand how XML influences and can be applied to their industries, but also by continuing to provide a registry of schemas to support the interoperability goals and adoption of XML. Documentum fully supports the ongoing efforts of OASIS and in providing a clearinghouse for information on the use of XML in industry.” Una Kearns, XML Architect, Documentum “XML has convinced software developers and technologists, from its early begining, of being the most comprehensive way of providing interoperability across different vendors platforms. After its quick adoption by suppliers and tool providers in the software industry as the standard for structured information representation, XML is ready to be taken to the next stage: to become the standard for exchange of business information. SAP, as the worldwide leader in e-business application software, is fully supporting the OASIS initiative to position as the industry portal for XML-related material and information, offering a clear focus on XML by sectors and operating the XML-registry/repository as a valuable source for all kind of schemas and documents in industry.” Sinisa Zimek, Director Technology Architecture, SAP “The addition of vertical industry content to provides a valuable and credible resource for companies that are implementing XML content applications to solve real business problems. Technology alone is not enough. There is a very real need to share experiences and material related to the application of XML technology within one’s own industry. SoftQuad Software is pleased to support this important initiative to serve both technical and business members of the XML community.” Bruce Sharpe, CTO of SoftQuad Software, co-creators of XML and a founding member of OASIS “As the world’s leading XML print resource, XML-Journal applauds the new site as a major step forward in OASIS’s ongoing journey to contribute to the worldwide adoption of product-independent formats based on public standards.” Ajit Sagar, Editor-in-Chief, XML-Journal