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OASIS Members Collaborate to Advance Web Services Notification

AmberPoint, Arjuna Technologies, BEA Systems, BMC Software, Computer Associates, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, NEC, Novell, OpenNetwork, SAP, SeeBeyond, Sonic Software, webMethods, and Others to Standardize Web Services Interactions

Boston, MA, USA; 17 March 2004 — Members of the international standards consortium, OASIS, announced plans to standardize the way Web services interact using the Notification pattern. The OASIS Web Services Notification (WSN) Technical Committee will advance a pattern-based approach that will allow one Web service to disseminate information to a set of other Web services, without prior knowledge of those services.

"The Notification pattern has many applications in the arenas of system or device management or in commercial domains such as electronic trading," explained Peter Niblett of IBM, convener and proposed co-chair of the OASIS WSN Technical Committee. "Our goal is to define a set of royalty-free, interoperable and modular specifications that allow this pattern to be modeled in an explicit and standardized fashion."

The OASIS WSN Technical Committee will coordinate efforts with the OASIS Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF) Technical Committee (also announced today). Members of the OASIS WSN Technical Committee plan to conform their work to the implied resource pattern specified by WSRF and will make use of WSRF specifications concerning lifetime and properties.

"The potential benefits common standard foundations such as WSRF and WSN present enterprise customers are considerable," said William Vambenepe of HP, proposed co-chair of the OASIS WSN Technical Committee, "Both can be applied to many domains, including management, smart devices and grid computing, ultimately helping enterprises better manage and optimize use of their existing resources."

Authors of WS-Notification–a set of documents recently published by Akamai Technologies, Computer Associates International, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, the Globus Alliance/Argonne National Laboratory, HP, IBM, SAP AG, Sonic Software, and Tibco Software–plan to submit their work to the OASIS WSN Technical Committee at its first meeting. Other contributions conforming to the charter of the Technical Committee (if any) will be evaluated upon submission.

In submitting WS-Notification and WS-Resource to OASIS, the authors express their support for the creation of open, stable, interoperable systems, and believe this is best achieved by the creation of standards for both new and component technologies of WSN and WSRF within organizations such as OASIS. The level of interoperability that results from an accepted standard, sanctioned through an open, trusted process with the support of the vendor and end user communities, is key to widespread adoption of WSN and WSRF.

Industry Support for WSN

"Notifications play a central role in modern management systems. A standardized mechanism for delivering notifications should help greatly in our goal of interoperability between various types of management systems. We are pleased to be able to contribute our experience in Web services management to these standards efforts," said Paul Butterworth, AmberPoint CTO.

"OASIS WSN will work synergistically with other standards supported and contributed by CA to enable on-demand dissemination of information across digital infrastructures, using widely-accepted Web services and Grid computing principles. CA will continue to work closely with other industry leaders and with OASIS to develop and implement standards that empower companies to build, manage and secure highly adaptable technology solutions that improve business performance, enable more tightly bonded customer relationships and create new revenue streams," said Dmitri Tcherevik, director of Web services at Computer Associates.

"With this standard, OASIS for the first time brings open standardization to the previously proprietary world of pub-sub systems that are so important in financial services and the intelligence community. DataPower’s XML-aware network routers will support this specification to help drive broad adoption of event-driven computing beyond its current niche," said Eugene Kuznetsov, chairman and CTO at DataPower.

"Fujitsu is pleased to contribute to WSN standardization by offering the services of our staff as a members of this OASIS Technical Committee. The standardization of Royalty Free and freely available specifications, such as WSN and WSRF, is critical to the use of Grid technologies in a broad commercial market. We believe that this commercial market demands that implementations of these specifications can proceed without infringing proprietary technologies, while making sure that these specifications remain under the control of an open standard body for their future evolution. The activities in this Technical Committee should be harmonized with the other OASIS activities, and we hope our contribution to the OASIS WSN Technical Committee helps to accomplish this. We believe OASIS is the ideal venue for the standardization of the WSN technologies," said Seigo Hirosue, General Manager of Strategy and Technology Division, Software Group of Fujitsu Limited.

"As our customers continue to implement increasingly complex Web services projects, the need for standards that address important infrastructure components and frameworks such as WSN and WSRF become increasingly critical. We are pleased to support OASIS in this important effort by participating in these technical committees. These efforts underscore Novell’s commitment to promoting interoperability based on open, royalty-free industry standards," said David Litwack, senior vice president for Novell’s exteNd and Nsure product lines.

"The ability to manage Web services and their underlying resources is critical to a comprehensive security strategy. The adoption of standards in Web services security will further increase the need for Web services management standards such as WSDM, WSRF, and WSN," said Bob Worner, VP of engineering at OpenNetwork.

"WS-Notification provides a general-purpose publish-subscribe mechanism that fills a common gap in Web services applications. It will be applicable to many domains ranging from systems management and business process management to sophisticated supply chain management applications. WS-Notification provides a scaleable architecture suitable for large-scale systems due to provision of brokered notifications. As one of the WS-Notification authors, SAP will play an active role in the OASIS WSN Technical Committee to make sure that the new standard will meet our customers’ requirements in heterogeneous and large-scale business applications," said Michael Bechauf, Vice President NetWeaver Standards at SAP.

"webMethods is advancing the work of the OASIS WSN Technical Committee because of the importance that emerging standards have in helping companies create and manage robust Service-Oriented Architectures. We have long been a leader in publish and subscribe messaging and believe that WSN offers a way for us to carry forward those capabilities into the world of Web services," said Marc Breissinger, vice president and chief architect, webMethods, Inc.


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