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Extensible Resource Descriptor (XRD) 1.0 Receives Approval as OASIS Standard

AOL, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, Google, IBM, Neustar, Nomura Research Institute (NRI), and Others Define Format for Describing and Discovering Resources

Boston, MA, USA; 6 December 2010 – The OASIS open standards consortium today announced approval of the Extensible Resource Descriptor (XRD) version 1.0. XRD defines a simple generic format for describing and discovering resources that is independent of the format of the resource or the transport protocol used to interact with it . The new standard provides a way to express the properties and link relations of any resource identified by a URI. XRD is now an official OASIS Standard, a status that signifies the highest level of ratification. The XRD document for a resource is particularly useful for discovering its relationship to other resources. For example, an XRD document for a web page about an upcoming meeting could provide the location of the organizer’s schedule so that a different time could be negotiated. The XRD for a social network profile page could identify the location of the user’s address book as well as accounts on other sites. “We intentionally designed XRD to be as simple as possible but no simpler, so that it can be used for many different resource description and discovery purposes,” explained Peter Davis of Neustar, co-chair of the OASIS Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI) Technical Committee. “HTML and Atom link elements both require access to the representation of the resource, but this isn’t always possible,” added Drummond Reed, co-chair of the OASIS XRI Technical Committee. “XRD conveys the link relations of a resource without requiring access to a representation of the resource itself.” Participation in the OASIS XRI Technical Committee is open to all companies, non-profit groups, governments, academic institutions, and individuals. As with all OASIS projects, archives of the Committee’s work are accessible to both members and non-members, and OASIS hosts an open mail list for public comment. Additional information: OASIS XRI Technical Committee About OASIS: OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) drives the development, convergence, and adoption of open standards for the global information society. A not-for-profit consortium, OASIS advances standards for SOA, security, Web services, content technologies, e-commerce, cloud computing, emergency management, e-government, and other areas of need identified by its members. OASIS open standards offer the potential to lower cost, stimulate innovation, grow global markets, and protect the right of free choice of technology. The consortium has more than 5,000 participants representing over 600 organizations and individual members in 100 countries. Press contact: Carol Geyer OASIS Senior Director, Communications +1 (781) 425-5073 x209