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International Cloud Symposium Features First Public Interoperability Demo of OASIS TOSCA Standard for Managing Applications across Clouds

Orchestration Tools from Fujitsu, HP, Huawei, IBM, SAP, Vnomic, and Zenoss Easily Exchange Data

Luxembourg; 15 October 2013 – Seven companies participated in the first public interoperability demonstration of the OASIS Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) today at the International Cloud Symposium (ICS) in Luxembourg. The event, part of the EuroCloud Congress, showed applications being easily ported and managed across clouds from different provider platforms and infrastructures.

“TOSCA offers the potential to expand customer choice, improve reliability, and reduce cost,” said Laurent Liscia, OASIS CEO. “Using TOSCA service templates, enterprise customers can easily move their applications from one cloud to another and orchestrate them thanks to the knowledge built in by the application developers.”

During the ICS demonstration, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application along with its relational database was exchanged as a TOSCA service template between cloud orchestration tools and runtimes. Products from Fujitsu, HP, Huawei, IBM, SAP, Vnomic, and Zenoss were featured.

TOSCA enables portable deployment across clouds and simplifies migration of existing applications to the cloud. It supports dynamic, flexible scaling and bursting of multi-cloud applications. TOSCA provides full lifecycle orchestration and service composability, offering greater freedom-of-choice both in service vendors and implementations.

Support for TOSCA Interop

“The Fujitsu FlexFrame Orchestrator provides a comprehensive cloud framework to orchestrate and manage key applications like ERP, CRM, and BI. By adopting OASIS TOSCA in FlexFrame Orchestrator we can now achieve cross-cloud interoperability and portability up to the application level. This enables Fujitsu to develop solutions against the customer challenge of using and combining cloud services from different clouds of different vendors.”
–Jens-Peter Seick, SVP Product Development, Fujitsu Technology Solutions

“As part of HP’s Converged Cloud strategy, we offer a comprehensive cloud management solution that gives our customers choice and flexibility. As a significant contributor to the TOSCA standard, we are excited to support the OASIS demonstration, showcasing the interoperability and portability of cloud services using the TOSCA standard.”
–Jerome Labat, CTO, HP Software & Acting VP & GM, Cloud Automation & Management, HP Software

“IBM is pleased that the vision of an open cloud ecosystem based on the OASIS TOSCA standard is a step closer to becoming a reality. Today’s multi-vendor interoperability demonstration, highlighting IBMs own Workload Deployer and SmartCloud Orchestrator, addresses the challenges that portable workloads present to cloud service owners, providers and developers alike. Today, we have demonstrated that cloud applications can be modeled, shared, deployed and managed, seamlessly, amongst products and cloud platforms, from multiple vendors, implementing the OASIS TOSCA standard. We hope today’s demonstration encourages other vendors to join us in the OASIS TOSCA Technical Committee and deliver implementations of their own.”
–Angel Diaz, VP Software Standards, IBM Cloud Labs

“As a cloud leader, SAP has supported the development of the TOSCA standard from the very beginning. It is gratifying to see some of our forward-leaning infrastructure partners adopting TOSCA and participating in the OASIS interoperability demonstration of TOSCA-compliant tools at EuroCloud/ICS. We anticipate that TOSCA will deliver significant cost savings and faster time-to-value for the many SAP customers moving to the cloud.”
–Erich Clauer, VP, Industry Standards and Open Source, SAP AG

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