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Ethereum OASIS Receives $100K Incentive Funding for Baseline Protocol Projects

10 March 2021 – Today, the Baseline Protocol, part of the Ethereum OASIS Open Project and in partnership with Open Source Collective, announced that it has received a grant of $100,000 from the Ethereum Foundation to be used for the purpose of encouraging and accelerating baseline protocol R&D and enablement efforts. This comes on the first anniversary of the community’s formation.

Launched in March of 2020, the Baseline Protocol uses advances in peer-to-peer messaging, zero-knowledge cryptography, and blockchain technology to coordinate complex, confidential workflows between enterprises without moving company data out of traditional systems of record.  Today, hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals are actively participating in the initiative, which coordinates with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.  For more information go to

“2021 is stacking up to be a breakout year for Enterprise blockchain usage with more and more projects landing on the public Mainnet,” said Dan Shaw of the Ethereum Foundation. “Baseline has been a key driver of this, since the protocol enables private collaboration between enterprises without putting any sensitive data on-chain.”

The Baseline Protocol community conducts steering committee meetings every two weeks. Starting in April 2021, these meetings will include a segment to hear proposals for projects seeking funding from the grant pool. Each month, the Technical Steering Committee will allocate a portion of the total grant to selected projects. Allocations are managed by the Open Source Collective. These projects can include technical work such as contributions to open source code and also can include work to contribute enablement content, documentation and outreach programs. For more information on proposing projects for grants and bounties, go here.

It is hoped that this grant will attract other organizations to contribute additional funding to the effort. Organizations interested in contributing can do so here.

Support for Baseline Protocol

Ethereum OASIS is sponsored by Accenture, Chainlink, ConsenSys, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Ethereum Foundation, EY, Morpheus.Network, Nethermind, Provide, Splunk, and Unibright, with many others contributing significant development and intellectual capital.

About Ethereum OASIS

Founded by the Ethereum Foundation, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and ConsenSys. It is sponsored by a growing list of leading organizations, including Accenture, Chainlink, EY, Morpheus Network, Nethermind, Provide, Splunk and Unibright.  Ethereum OASIS is an OASIS Open Project that provides a neutral forum for supporting open source projects and specifications that advance interoperability for systems worldwide. The Ethereum OASIS community works to develop clear, open standards, first-rate documentation, and shared test suites that facilitate new features and enhancements for Ethereum. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the Baseline Protocol, and suggestions for new Ethereum OASIS projects are encouraged. For more information go to:

About Open Source Collective

Open Source Collective is a registered 501(c)(6) nonprofit that serves as fiscal sponsor to over 2000 open source projects. The Open Source Collective team are experts in supporting the open source ecosystem and being a bridge between developers, funders, and users of open source. They work with individual and large corporate partners to provide open source communities authentic and equitable access to capital. For more information about project sponsorship and sponsorship of open source development, go to

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