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Approved Errata for OSLC Change Management v3.0 published

Revised OASIS Standard now available

OASIS and the OSLC Open Project are pleased to announce the approval and publication of OSLC Change Management Version 3.0 Errata 01.

This document incorporates Approved Errata for the OASIS Standard “OSLC Change Management Version 3.0.” The specific changes are listed in Appendix C of Part 1, at

The nine currently published Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) specifications, along with several informative Project Notes, collectively define a core set of services and domain vocabularies for lifecycle management including requirement, change and quality management.

This specification defines the OSLC Change Management domain, a RESTful web services interface for the management of product change requests, activities, tasks and relationships between those and related resources such as requirements, test cases, or architectural resources. To support these scenarios, this specification defines a set of HTTP-based RESTful interfaces in terms of HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE, HTTP response codes, content type handling and resource formats.

The documents and related files are available here:

OSLC Change Management Version 3.0
OASIS Standard with Approved Errata 01
06 July 2023

OSLC Change Management Version 3.0. Part 1: Specification (Authoritative)

OSLC Change Management Version 3.0. Part 2: Vocabulary (Authoritative)

OSLC Change Management Version 3.0. Part 3: Constraints (Authoritative)

Change Management Vocabulary definitions file:
Change Management Resource Shape Constraints definitions file:

For your convenience, OASIS provides a complete package of the specification documents and any related files in ZIP distribution files. You can download the ZIP file at:

Members of the Project Governing Board of the OASIS Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) OP [1] approved the publication of these Errata by Full Majority Vote [2]. The Errata had been released for public review as required by the TC Process [3]. The Approved Errata are now available online in the OASIS Library as referenced above.

Our congratulations to the OSLC OP on achieving this milestone.

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[3] Public review:
– 15-day public review, 31 May 2023:
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