Press Release

OASIS Membership Elects New Leaders to its Board of Directors

Dr. Pablo Breuer of Orthogonal Insights, Daniel Rohrer of NVIDIA, and Daniella Taveau of Bold Text Strategies Bring Diverse Expertise to OASIS

Boston, MA, USA, 24 June 2024 – OASIS Open, the international standards and open source consortium, announced the results of its 2024 Board of Directors Annual and Special Elections. The Board, selected by the OASIS membership, will continue guiding the organization’s direction by encouraging ongoing growth and fostering increased collaboration within the open source and standards communities. Newly elected Board members from the Annual Election are Daniel Rohrer, VP of Product Security, Architecture and Research, at NVIDIA, and Daniella Taveau, President of Bold Text Strategies. Additionally, Jim Cabral, Gershon Janssen of Reideate, Bret Jordan, and Vasileios Mavroeidis of University of Oslo and were re-elected. These individuals will serve two-year terms ending in 2026. Dr. Pablo Breuer, President of Orthogonal Insights, was elected in the Special Election to serve a one-year term ending in 2025. Continuing members of the Board are Jason Keirstead of Cyware, Daniel Riedel, Omar Santos of Cisco, and Jay White of Microsoft.

Francis Beland, Executive Director of OASIS, expressed his congratulations. “We welcome these distinguished leaders, both newly elected and re-elected, to the Board of Directors. Their extensive leadership experience will be instrumental as OASIS continues to develop meaningful new initiatives and broaden its opportunities. I look forward to collaborating with each of them as we pursue ambitious goals for the future.”

Dr. Pablo Breuer, President of Orthogonal Insights, brings a wealth of experience from his previous role as an executive at a Fortune 50 company and his 22-year Navy career, which included top-level positions in the U.S. Special Operations Command Donovan Group, SOFWERX, the NSA, US Cyber Command and US Naval Forces Central Command. A DoD Cyber Cup and two-time Defcon Black Badge winner, Breuer has taught at the Naval Postgraduate School, National University, California State University Monterey Bay, and Carnegie Mellon CERT/SEI. Breuer is the co-founder of the Cognitive Security Collaborative and coauthor of the DISARM (Disinformation Analysis and Response Measures) framework, the methodology used by the US and EU governments and NATO to address Misinformation and Disinformation. He is a sought-after speaker in the fields of cybersecurity and Mis- and Disinformation, sits on several Boards, and has mentored countless students and professionals.

“I’m honored to join the board of OASIS Open to help develop and promote open and inclusive standards for innovation and technology which promote our global ethics and shared interest. The speed of technology and innovation require standards to promote safety, fairness, and interoperability,” said Breuer. “I look forward to working on standards including countering disinformation and promoting artificial intelligence safety and resiliency. OASIS Open has been at the forefront of technology standards for more than three decades, and I’m proud to be able to contribute to their mission.”

Daniel Rohrer serves as VP of Software Product Security, Architecture and Research at NVIDIA, where, throughout his 24-year tenure, he has led efforts to enhance AI security, deliver GPU confidential computing, and advance research efforts in secure platform design. Rohrer has taken his integrated knowledge of “everything NVIDIA” to hone security practices, explore novel cybersecurity solutions, and help deliver some of the world’s most advanced and trustworthy computing platforms. He has been at the forefront of AI Security, contributing to the development of safe and trustworthy ecosystems through training, open source tools, and other initiatives aimed at scaling communities. An advocate for democratized access to computing resources, Rohrer strives to ensure equality and accessibility for all communities. He serves on the NVIDIA AI Ethics Review Committee and has held a Board position with the nonprofit NVIDIA Foundation, driving significant product security innovations.

“As AI adoption continues to grow across every industry, building systems that advance security and trust are paramount to success,” said Rohrer, VP of Software Product Security, Architecture and Research at NVIDIA. “I am honored to join the OASIS Board and contribute to the community so invested in the transparent development of open-source software and standards.”

Daniella Taveau, President of Bold Text Strategies, is an internationally recognized expert in developing global business and regulatory strategies. She has extensive experience working with senior political officials and advising multinational corporations worldwide. Taveau’s expertise spans international trade, finance, agriculture, food security and safety, chemicals, pesticides, new technologies, cosmetics and personal care, intergovernmental organizations, information technology, and combating mis- and disinformation. Prior to starting her own firm, Taveau was an International Trade Negotiator with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), where she represented the US at the World Trade Organization (WTO); all U.S. Free Trade Agreements including the TransPacific Partnership, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (U.S./E.U. FTA), and the U.S. Korea Free Trade Agreement; the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (U.N. FAO); and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). She also served as an International Policy Analyst with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and held an executive role at a global cosmetics company for a decade.

“I am honored to join the board of OASIS Open, considered one of the leading global forces in open-source standards. Accessible standards are necessary to ensure interoperability, innovation, and inclusivity,” said Taveau. “As we confront the growing challenges of misinformation and disinformation, I am committed to working with OASIS Members to promote accuracy, transparency, and trust in our digital world.”

OASIS expressed sincere gratitude to outgoing Board member Duncan Sparrell of sFractal Consulting for his invaluable service, dedication, and significant contributions during his tenure as a director. To learn more about the OASIS Board of Directors, please visit our website.