The connections. The development. The recognition. The inside-track on influential work. They’re all great reasons to join OASIS Open. But perhaps the biggest reason: a diverse, democratic, and inclusive community that’s designed to help you succeed.

Your work. Our support.

Diverse people and skill sets make OASIS stronger. Whether you want to work on a Technical Committee, Open Project, Foundation-as-a-Service, or a Technical Advisory Group, you can find a home right here alongside a group of people who care about this work as much as you.

Built to push innovation forward. And designed for your needs.

We’re dedicated to helping our members produce high-impact work by creating a fair, transparent environment they can thrive in. Whether you’re a large, multi-national organization or a single-person consultancy, our dues are fair and scaled, so that everyone can find a home here. Explore all the ways to work with us—we’re here to help.

Technical Committees

Develop specifications in an open, lightweight process with a path to recognition in international policy and procurement. Our Technical Committees are designed to maintain the integrity of the work and allow for rapid progress, too. Participation is democratic and open to any organization or individual. In fact, your organization might already be a member.


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Open Projects

Open Projects create a more transparent and collaborative future for open source and standards development. Develop everything from APIs, code, specifications, reference implementations, and guidelines—in one place, under open source licenses, with a path to recognition in global policy and procurement. Everyone can participate technically without cost, as this work is funded by sponsor dues from organizations committed to these projects’ success.


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Maintain your group’s independence while tapping into our expertise in running a foundation, as well as our infrastructure, a legal umbrella, and administrative services. FaaS groups work under their own rules, bylaws, and processes.


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Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) to ISO

OASIS works in partnership with ANSI to bring together technology experts to represent the United States in select ISO committees. TAG participation gives you an official voice in the global debate, so you can help make sure the U.S. position and your organization’s position are represented.

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