Baseline Protocol Event

Baseline Protocol Event

AmsterBased 2022

Our Baseline Protocol Team is excited to announce plans to hold a developer workshop and networking event as part of Devconnect Amsterdam. Devconnect is a week-long in-person gathering that will feature independent Ethereum events, each with a unique focus.

AmsterBased,’ held on 20 April, will be the combination of formal and informal activities designed to further support and grow our Baseline ecosystem. We expect over 100 developers, industry experts, advisers, and companies to join us at AmsterBased.

All are welcome to participate. You can attend in-person or virtual, join the growing list of sponsors, or form a team to work on a BLIP for a bounty.

Baseline Protocol Event

Baseline Protocol Summit 2020

Held over two-days, this multi-session technical working conference was developed to bring together the community in order to further the technical implementation of the Baseline Protocol, while providing those new to the community with an update on the latest developments. Sessions were identified and selected by the Baseline Technical Steering Committee with an eye toward tackling many of the most urgent technical challenges faced by the team. The Baseline Protocol is an Open Project at OASIS Open.

View Conference Trailer (below) or Full Conference Playlist

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