Interop Demo, Plug Fest, Hackathon

Over $10,000 in prizes

The Baseline hackathon bounties, on Gitcoin, are deliverable from the recent Baseline Protocol Summit and other activities in the month of November. These will include protocol level challenges ranging from general distributed systems issues like messaging, scaling and throughput issues, system integration issues, and project opportunities such as an identity service and “Layer 2” solutions. Over $10,000 in prizes available to participants. Steps to participate include: 1. Join the hackathon chat workspaces, 2. Start work via Gitcoin, 3. BUILD!, and 4. Submit work via Gitcoin.

The virtual OpenC2 SBOM PoC/Plugfest/Hackathon is open to all and is an excellent opportunity to advance the mission of the Open Cybersecurity Alliance. The event will combine a plugfest with a hackathon with a proof-of-concept. It is also a mashup of the efforts of OpenC2, SBOM, IACD, SCAPv2, OCA, CACAO, … combining all these concepts to demonstrate use cases showing the value of automated defense. Work has started and will culminate in an all-day meetup on Oct-28th. For more information on how to participate, see

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