AI Security Summit

Join us for a day of deep exploration, networking, and knowledge exchange, uniting industry experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts alike. Co-hosted by OASIS Open and Cisco, this summit delves into the dynamic and ever-evolving field of AI security. Engage with seasoned professionals in cybersecurity and AI as they meticulously dissect the nuances, challenges, and opportunities surrounding the deployment of AI solutions. Dive into discussions on critical topics, including identification of top AI threats and risks, strategies for AI vulnerability management and disclosure, combating disinformation, navigating the complexities of monitoring AI implementations, staying informed about upcoming regulations, comprehending the AI Bill of Materials (AI BOMs), and much more. 

This event promises to be an invaluable platform for gaining profound insights and forging meaningful connections within the cybersecurity and AI communities.


Borderless Cyber 2023

OASIS Member discount available

Borderless Cyber has been an important forum for security in which practitioners and researchers get together to discuss and share insights about grand challenges, projects and lessons learnt in cybersecurity. This year, we are broadening the conversation to include security, privacy and work that intersects the two topics. Through a mixture of interactive panel discussions and presentations, audience members will hear how you can be part of the global collaboration effort and learn actionable advice needed to avoid being the next target.

OASIS members receive the discounted rate of £130 to attend Borderless Cyber. Special discounts on sponsorship available for members as well.

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