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Part of the TOSCA Implementation Webinar Series

The TOSCA Technical Committee releases the first in a series of webinars this month. During this first webinar, you’ll hear from a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat as he shares an open-source orchestrator, Turandot. At its most basic level, Turandot functions as a replacement for Helm. Service designers can use the expressivity and strict validation of TOSCA to create deployments, pods, services, and even KubeVirt virtual machines, to package them as CSAR files and publish them directly to a live cluster. But TOSCA goes beyond Kubernetes manifests in that it allows designers to create their own node types that model higher-level architecture and other custom systems, and then to add the crucial topologies that relate resources to each other (e.g. a service mesh).

Tune in on Wednesday, 27 January to learn more and to find out what other implementation stories are on the schedule.

OASIS launched a new virtual series called ‘Open Matters’ to spark dialogue & foster community thinking for open source & standards collaboration. Led by OASIS Executive Director, Guy Martin, these forums are informal gatherings that will engage the open development ecosystem, addressing key topics within open source and open standards communities, while helping facilitate cross-industry collaboration.

The first episode on 19 August was an one-on-one conversation between Guy and OASIS Board of Directors Chairman, Gershon Janssen. This is your opportunity to get to know Guy better, and learn more about his vision on how best to link these two communities.

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Be part of a conversation that has the power to change the world. Join top cybersecurity leaders and a dedicated community of peers as we exchange the biggest, boldest ideas that will help propel the industry forward. Get access to expert-led sessions, thought-provoking keynotes, in-depth trainings and tutorials, groundbreaking innovation programs, state-of-the-art product demos and countless networking opportunities. OASIS member discount coming soon.

The EU Open Source Policy Summit 2021 aims to build bridges and encourage exchanges between the vast Open Source community and European policymakers. At this virtual event, we will hear representatives from the many stakeholders working at the intersection of politics and technology. We look forward to convening this conversation at this critical juncture as discussions of Open Source move into a deeper understanding of the strategic role Open Source software and hardware will play in Europe’s digital future. OASIS is on the agenda.

As our need for cryptographic capabilities continue to increase, so does the number of solutions available to us to meet those needs. With increasing solution choice often comes increased integration burdens. As one of the most prevalent crypto API sets in the world, PKCS #11 is well supported in the industry and with a solid focus from the OASIS PKCS #11 Technical committee on ensuring its relevance and applicability, integrations should only get easier as this standard continues to develop. During this webinar, the OASIS PKCS #11 Co-chairs cover the new content that has been worked into PKCS #11 v3.0 as well as a preview of what’s to come in v3.1 & v3.2, including the items that have been improved or revised based on feedback from the community.

With our 2020 year ending with continued dashed hopes for members to gather in person, we plan to announce the 2020 Distinguished Contributors & Open Cup Awards during a virtual event on 8 December, 4:00 PM UTC (11:00-11:30 AM ET). Join us to cheer on the winners of the Distinguished Contributors Award, Outstanding Approved Standard Award, and Outstanding New Initiative Award. The Awards Ceremony will conclude with a musical review of our year together. (There are things about 2020 that will make you smile.)

The event will be live streamed and recorded for those unable to attend in person.

ICMC is the leading annual event for global expertise in commercial cryptography. At ICMC20 over 400 industry leaders from 27 countries will come together to address the unique challenges faced by those who develop, produce, test, specify, and use cryptographic modules, with a strong focus on standards such as FIPS 140-3, ISO/IEC 19790, eEIDAS, and Common Criteria. The conference helps to foster a focused, organized community of users. ICMC reviews technical issues underlying cryptographic implementation including physical security, key management, side-channel analysis, open-source development, algorithm testing, quantum threats, embedded applications, standardization, validation programs, government policy, professional ethics, and more.

Tune in on Wednesday, 23 September from 9:00-10:00 AM to hear from our PKCS11 and KMIP technical committee co-chairs.

Baseline v0.1—Showcases that Blockchain Can Serve as a Valuable Way of Keeping Systems of Record in Sync

Co-Founder of the Baseline Protocol and seasoned enterprise executive, John Wolpert, will join Guy Martin for the next episode of Open Matters. Launched in March of this year, the Baseline Protocol uses advances in peer-to-peer messaging, zero-knowledge cryptography and blockchain technology to coordinate complex, confidential workflows between enterprises without moving company data out of traditional systems of record. Today, over 600 companies and individuals are actively participating in this initiative.

Listen & view episode 2:

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The 2020 Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Implementation Workshop is a technical meeting intended for information sharing among experts. There is no charge to participate. Everyone interested in emergency alerting is welcome: managers, technical staff, media, etc., including those in government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and commercial organizations. The host and co-sponsor of this Workshop is the ITU. Other co-sponsors of the Workshop are: the IAEM, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), OASIS,, and the WMO. Program includes welcome message from OASIS Executive Director and presentation from the Chair of the Emergency Management technical committee. Participants are registered, from 70 countries, 20 international org’s, and 18 commercial companies.

CAP Workshop Wrap-up & Presentations

Black Hat Europe 2020 will be entirely virtual this year, held December 7-10 in Greenwich Mean Time. It provides attendees with the latest in research, development, and trends in Information Security. Here the brightest professionals and researchers in the industry come together for a total of four days—two or four days of deeply technical hands-on Trainings, followed by two days of the latest research and vulnerability disclosures in the Briefings.
Visit us on the show floor / Take advantage of our member discount, use code: 20OASISeu.

The annual FIRST conference attracts over 1,000 participants from more than 80 countries around the globe. The conference promotes worldwide coordination and cooperation among computer security and incident response teams (CSIRTs). The conference provides a forum for sharing goals, ideas, and information on how to improve computer security on a global scale. The online event will include: Incident response, management, and technical tracks, Featured invited guests and keynote presentations, and Vendor exhibits. There is no fee to attend.  

The goal of the 2020 IAEM 68th Annual Conference & EMEX is to improve your employee’s knowledge, competency level and collaborative skills. IAEM accomplishes this by attracting relevant high-profile speakers to address current topics and practical solutions. In addition to this annual event, EMEX, IAEM’s Emergency Management & Homeland Security Expo, draws a myriad of exhibitors who are the top suppliers to the fields of disaster preparedness and homeland security. Visit us on the show floor / Take advantage of our member discount,
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