Call to Vote: Ballot for OASIS Standard - Business Document Naming and Design Rules V1.0

The OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC members [1] have approved submitting the following Candidate OASIS Standard to the membership for a vote for OASIS Standard:

Business Document Naming and Design Rules Version 1.0
Candidate OASIS Standard 01
06 October 2016

This is a call to the primary or alternate representatives of OASIS Organizational Members to vote. This Committee Specification was approved by the Technical Committee and was submitted for the required 60-day public review [2][3]. All requirements of the OASIS TC Process having been met, the Candidate OASIS Standard is now submitted to the voting representatives of OASIS organizational members.

-- Voting Details --

The ballot opens 05 January 2017 at 00:00 UTC and closes 18 January 2017 at 23:59 UTC. You can access the ballot to cast your vote at:

Internal link for voting members:
Publicly visible link:

The minimum number of affirmative votes required to approve this ballot is 43 (15% of 283 organizational members).

Each OASIS organizational member has one vote. OASIS members should ensure that their organization's voting representative votes according to the organization's wishes. If you do not know the name of your organization's voting representative is, go to the My Account page at

then click the link for your Company (at the top of the page) and review the list of users for the name designated as "Primary".

-- What is the Business Document Naming and Design Rules and how is it useful? --

The OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC works to provide a royalty-free library of standard XML business documents that allow disparate business applications and trading communities to exchange information along their supply chains.

A powerful method to design interoperable business documents is to construct logical semantic models using concepts described in the UN/CEFACT Core Components Technical Specification (CCTS) Version 2.01 and then, from these, create physical syntax models.

The Business Document Naming and Design Rules Version 1.0 (BDNDR) specification prescribes a set of rules used to create complete CCTS models of interoperable business documents. The OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) Version 2.1 (also published as ISO/IEC 19845:2015), and the OASIS Business Document Envelope (BDE) Version 1.0 are two examples of business document vocabularies developed in conformance to OASIS BDNDR.

3 Statements of Use were received from the Business Document Exchange TC, Document Engineering Services, and the Universal Business Language TC [4].

The prose specification document and related files are available here:

Editable Source (Authoritative):



Distribution ZIP files:

For your convenience, OASIS provides a complete package of the prose specifications and related files in a ZIP distribution file. You can download the ZIP file here:

-- Additional information --

[1] OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC

TC Charter

[2] Candidate OASIS Standard Special Majority Vote:

[3] Public reviews:

- 60 day public review, 20 October 2016:
Comment resolution log:

- 15-day public review, 17 June 2016:
Comment resolution log:

- 30-day public review, 05 April 2016:
Commment resolution log:

[4] Statements of Use:



- Document Engineering Services:

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Universal Business Language (UBL)