Improvements & additions to TC Admin support request forms

I am pleased to announce that the TC Administration Requests page ( that you use to request support from staff have been overhauled.

- The forms are now organized to match the workflow of the TC process, from starting new work through published approved TC documents.

- Most forms are markedly simpler. For many, aside from the identifying information about you and the TC, all you will need to provide is the link to your minutes or ballot approving the request. We'll take the information we need from your motion. (To make sure everything we need is there, use the sample motion/ballot language at

And if you approve publishing your Committee Specification Draft and releasing it for public review in one meeting, now you can make that request with one ticket. Just enter the request for a public review and indicate that the ticket requests both.

- And I have added requests that have been needed for some time, such as requesting a wiki for your TC or requesting a Special Majority Vote to approve submitting your OASIS Standard to an international de jure standards organization.

Please let me know if you have any questions on using the new forms or if you have ideas for additional improvements. I hope this new set of forms will help guide your specifications through the OASIS process.