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OASIS Advances CMIS4DAM New Interoperability Standard for Digital Asset Management

Alfresco, Apollon, Canto, Cisco Systems, Nuxeo, SDL, and Others Collaborate on CMIS Profile for DAM

13 April 2015 – Members of the OASIS open standards consortium are defining a profile of the widely adopted Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard for use in Digital Asset Management (DAM). The work of the new OASIS CMIS4DAM Technical Committee will eliminate the need for expensive custom integration by enabling standard protocols for digital assets to travel more freely and efficiently between different systems.

According to industry analyst, Scott Liewehr of Digital Clarity Group, “There’s a DAM interoperability crisis happening now. Users who manage assets across multiple systems (which is just about everyone) wrestle with complex, costly custom integration. There is a clear and compelling case for a definitive industry-wide standard.”

“CMIS has become one of the most widely adopted standards for enterprise content management in the world. CMIS4DAM is poised to have that same impact on DAM,” said Irina Guseva, chair, and Ken Baclawski, co-chair, of the OASIS CMIS4DAM Technical Committee. “DAM users are in dire need of better standards for interoperable metadata as it relates to digital assets, as well as supporting a variety of media-specific scenarios. Our hope for CMIS4DAM is to allow one DAM system to use the facilities of another system in a ‘black box’ fashion.”

CMIS4DAM is intended to offer a layer of abstraction between CMIS and a range of external metadata annotation protocols, together with common operations used within the DAM domain–especially as they relate to individual classes of rich media assets including images and video.

New members are encouraged to join the OASIS CMIS4DAM Technical Committee at any time. Archives of the work are accessible to both members and non-members, and OASIS invites public review and comment on the work.

Support for CMIS4DAM

“The interoperability of DAM systems is crucial for organizations to successfully manage their rich media workflows. What were isolated silos must become integrated pieces of the enterprise puzzle which is most effectively achieved through an open standard like CMIS4DAM. Alfresco is delighted to be able to contribute to this effort,” said Ray Gauss, Digital Asset Management Architect at Alfresco.

“CMIS already allows us to describe major parts of our DAM domain model in a standardized manner, but the standard misses some significant use cases. A concise mapping of metadata standards or an asynchronous notification mechanism in general will help fill those gaps. Apollon looks forward to addressing these issues in CMIS4DAM,” said Sascha Homeier, Software Developer, Apollon.

“We are honored and excited to join the CMIS4DAM Technical Committee,” said Andreas Mockenhaupt, Director of Professional Services at Canto. “We at Canto believe creating a framework for digital asset management (DAM) technology standards is absolutely a necessary next step in DAM’s evolution as a vital enterprise solution. Not only will it allow easier integration with other systems and applications, but adhering to one standard will also allow the DAM industry as a whole to mature and provide additional value to customers.”

“Digital asset management solutions must now adapt to a multitude of business environments and connect with other content in organizations. Given Nuxeo’s long involvement in the development of the CMIS standard, we are encouraged by the development of a CMIS4DAM standard as this would be very useful to our customers,” said Florent Guillaume, Director of Research and Development at Nuxeo.

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