OASIS TC Open Repositories: Overview

An OASIS TC Open Repository is a public GitHub repository supporting the activities of an associated OASIS Technical Committee. TC Open Repository contents are created through public contributions under a designated open source license, and community participants establish development priorities for assets maintained in the repository.

As documented in the resources cited below, any qualifying OASIS Technical Committee (a TC using the Non-Assertion, RF on Limited Terms, or RF on RAND IPR Mode) may request the creation of one or more TC Open Repositories to enable development of additional material — to supplement or support its standards work. TC Open Repositories are set up as GitHub projects under the GitHub organization "oasis-open" at https://github.com/oasis-open/.

OASIS TC Open Repositories use the familiar fork-and-pull collaboration model which allows anyone, whether an OASIS/TC member or not, to submit a pull request. All contributions to a TC Open Repository are governed by a written purpose statement for the project, a designated open source license, a policy document (distinct from OASIS TC Process and IPR policies), and by Contributor License Agreements submitted by contributors.

OASIS TC Open Repositories: Resources

  • OASIS TC Open Repositories: GitHub Organization. The principal GitHub Web page for the OASIS TC Open Repositories displays all active repositories, each with the repository name and description.

  • OASIS TC Open Repositories: Overview and Resources. This document provides a brief overview of the TC Open Repositories offering, with references to the primary resources.

  • OASIS TC Open Repository Guidelines and Procedures. This policy document formulates the principles and rules which govern TC Open Repository creation, management, licensing, operations, and lifecycle.

  • Frequently Asked Questions. This FAQ document is expected to be revised regularly to reflect answers to common questions from participants and potential participants.

  • Contributor License Agreements. This document presents two online forms for submission and update of an applicable Contributor License Agreement, including the required Individual CLA and the optional Entity CLA.

  • Licenses. This document presents a list of supported open source licenses that govern contributions to a TC Open Repository. Each TC Open Repository has one designated license.

  • Maintainers' Guidelines and Agreement. This document presents an evolving collection of best practices, rules, guidelines, and pious advice applicable to TC Open Repository Maintainers. Repository Maintainers are respected and trusted experts who agree to manage content in a TC Open Repository in response to participant interest and community consensus.

  • Proposal Template. This document identifies and explains essential elements of a TC proposal for creation of a TC Open Repository, including the written Purpose Statement, short description, selection of GitHub repository name, identification of initial Maintainer(s), open source license selection, etc.

  • Request Form. Technical Committees considering creation of a TC Open Repository should use the online request form, assuming that a corresponding TC resolution has been approved, and that meeting minutes are published recording the TC decision. Elements of a well-formed proposal are presented in the Proposal Template document.


Please send any feedback or questions to TC Open Repository Administration at repository-admin@oasis-open.org.