Press Release

Two OASIS Standards Projects Receive Open Cup Award: OpenEoX and Genericode

Kenneth Bengtsson and Rich Piazza Named OASIS Distinguished Contributors

Boston, MA, USA, 25 January 2024 — Winners of the tenth annual Open Cup, recognizing exceptional advancements in open standards and open source, were announced today. The Open Cup for Outstanding New Initiative was awarded to OpenEoX, a unified machine-readable approach to managing and sharing End-of-Life (EOL) and End-of-Support (EOS) information for software and hardware. The Open Cup for Outstanding Approved Standard was awarded to Code List Representation (genericode) V1.0. “Genericode” defines an XML format for the interchange, documentation and management of code lists. In addition, Kenneth Bengtsson and Rich Piazza were named as Distinguished Contributors for their significant impact on the OASIS community.

Open Cup Recipients

OpenEoX brings together major software and hardware providers from around the world to define a unified and efficient method to programmatically verify the EOL or EOS status of the products that businesses and individuals rely on. A standardized approach to EOL and EOS information will empower open source maintainers and vendors alike to deliver more accurate and reliable support to their users. OpenEoX can help reduce cybersecurity risk and susceptibility to vulnerabilities, enabling companies to quickly identify unsupported products. While frameworks like software bill of materials (SBOMs), the Common Security Advisory Framework (CSAF), and Vulnerability Exchange (VEX) have made significant strides in improving information sharing and product lifecycle management, OpenEoX represents a critical step forward in unifying these efforts.

OpenEoX was chosen from a group of Open Cup finalists that included:

“Genericode,” named the Outstanding Approved Standard, was developed by the OASIS Code List Representation TC. The format serves as a unified semantic model for code lists and corresponding XML serialization and is designed to IT-enable and standardize the publication of machine-readable code list information, facilitating interchange between systems. Code lists, ranging from standardized items like country and currency abbreviations to nonstandardized ones exchanged between trading partners, find a standardized representation in genericode. Genericode was chosen from finalists that included PKCS 11 Specification V3.1 and PKCS #11 Profiles V3.1 from the PKCS 11 TC and OSLC Configuration Management V1.0 and OSLC Tracked Resource Set V3.0 from the OSLC OP.

Distinguished Contributors

Each year, the Distinguished Contributor designation is awarded to OASIS members who have made significant contributions to the advancement of open standards and/or open source projects. 

Bringing more than 25 years of global experience in IT and e-invoicing architecture, Kenneth Bengtsson has led infrastructure implementations across five continents. Currently serving as chair of the OASIS Business Document Exchange (BDXR) TC since 2012 and of the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC since 2019, Bengtsson has contributed to shaping industry standards with five OASIS Standards and an additional four OASIS Technical Specifications under his leadership and guidance.

“I am deeply honored to be named OASIS Distinguished Contributor. This recognition is truly meaningful and a testament to the collective efforts of all members of the UBL and BDXR Technical Committees,” said Kenneth Bengtsson. “I am grateful for the support and guidance from my fellow TC members and to the entire OASIS community for fostering an environment that values openness and collaboration. This award inspires me to continue advocating for OASIS and open standards, and I am committed to continuing my contributions.”

Richard Piazza has been working in the field of cyber security since 2010, when he rejoined MITRE after several years at IBM.  Since 2015 he has been deeply involved in the STIX specification effort as both a co-editor and a major software contributor.

“It was such a surprise to be named a Distinguished Contributor. I have been working with OASIS on STIX since 2015, including being co-editor of the STIX 2.1 specification,” said Rich Piazza. “I have been able to be a constant contributor to OASIS because it is part of my job at my company. Hats off to all the other contributors I have known through the years who have done amazing work despite also ‘having a day job.’” 

OASIS congratulates this year’s winners and nominees and is grateful for their generous contributions of time and expertise in advancing OASIS’ mission.