Open Standards Cup

The Open Standards Cup recognizes major accomplishments in our community. The awards are presented annually by the OASIS Technical Advisory Board (TAB).

This year's winners will be announced at the OASIS 2017 Member Meeting and Reception, which will be held at the conclusion of the Borderless Cyber conference in New York on 22 June. You do not need to be registered for the conference in order to attend the Member Meeting and Award Ceremony. Contact for details.

Open Standards Cup Nominees

For 2017 Outstanding Approved Standard:

For 2017 Outstanding New Initiative:

Open Standards Cup Winners

2016 Outstanding Approved Standard

Category Finalists:
Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) 
Open Data Protocol (OData) 
Universal Business Language (UBL)

2016 Outstanding New Initiative
Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI): STIX, TAXII, CybOX 

Category Finalists:
Biometric Services (BIOSERV) 


2015 Outstanding Accomplished Technical Committee
Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)

Category Finalists:
Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT)
eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML)
XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF)

2015 Outstanding New Technical Committee
Context Server (CXS)

Category Finalists:
Content Management Interoperability Services for Digital Asset Management (CMIS4DAM)
Identity Based Attestation and Open Exchange Protocol Specification (IBOPS)


 2014 Outstanding Accomplished Technical Committee
Universal Business Language (UBL)

Category Finalists:
Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)
Open Data Protocol (OData)
Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA)

2014 Outstanding New Technical Committee
Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)

Category Finalists:
Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) Standard

Key-Value Database Application Interface (KVDB)

OSLC Lifecycle Integration Core (OSLC Core)

Award Eligibility

To be eligible for Outstanding Approved Standard, a standard must have been approved as an OASIS Standard and/or ratified by a de jure standards body within the annual time period.

To be eligible for Outstanding New Standards Initiave, a project must have held its first Technical Committee meeting under a new charter within the annual time period.

There is no limit to the number of Open Standards Cups a Technical Committee may receive over time.