OASIS provides a variety of optional-use tools to its members so they can more effectively perform their collaborative work. Any Technical Committee may request activation of these tools by submitting a request form: JIRA, SVN, Wiki or GitHub. Optional tools include, for example:

TC Wikis contain collaborative documents and documentation.
Issue Tracker
The Issue Tracker contains lists of items that TC Members will address.
Version control (VCS/DVCS)
TCs that need version control for development of code and similar assets may use a SVN/Subversion repository and/or GitHub public repositories.

Many OASIS TCs also make use of the SOAPHUB WebConf meeting management tool, although it is unofficial (maintained by Doug Davis rather than by OASIS).

In an effort to accommodate TCs with multiple editors and support the use collaborative authoring/editing tools that are not not inherently part of the Kavi (TC Document Repository) application, the following policy is set forth to provide a set of guidelines related to the use of collaborative authoring/editing/versioning system.

This policy includes, but is not limited to, the following:

The site:

  • The site and all of its contents must be publicly viewable/readable by the general public.
  • The site and access to all of its contents must not require a login for read-only access.

The TC home page:

  • The location (URI) and a brief description of each site (Wiki, Issues, Version Control Repository) must be posted on TC public home page and maintained by the TC Chair and/or Secretary.

Access Permissions:

  • Write access must be provided to all TC Members (Members, Voting Members, Persistent Non-Voting Members, Chairs, and Secretaries).
  • TC Observers and the general public must not be allowed write access.

TC Document Repository (wiki and version control only at this time)

  • At least once a month (unless no work has been done), and prior to each TC meeting at which one or more draft documents will be discussed, Working Draft level material for any/all such documents must be uploaded to the TC document repository, properly identified according to the OASIS Naming Directives; links to the non-Kavi publication venues are insufficient
  • All TC member reviews and ballots must be based on Working Draft level content as posted to the TC document repository (links to the non-Kavi system are insufficient)