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Members are encouraged to post presentation materials that discuss OASIS technical work at conferences and other public venues. If you are interested in posting your materials, please contact the OASIS Manager of Events.

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2019 Presentations

Borderless Cyber USA

Washington, DC

8-10 October 2019

Transforming Privacy Law into Practice

Oxford, United Kingdom

9-10 September 2019

2018 Presentations


Stockholm, Sweden

5-6 November 2018

2018 CAP Implementers Workshop

Hong Kong, China

31 October - 1 November 2018

Borderless Cyber USA

Washington, DC

3-4 October 2018

2017 Presentations

EDXL Workshop

Rome, Italy

22 September 2017

Borderless Cyber USA

New York, New York

21-22 June 2017

2016 Presentations

Borderless Cyber Asia

Tokyo, Japan

30 October - 1 November 2016

CAP Workshop 2016

Bangkok, Thailand

23-24 August 2016

2015 Presentations

Borderless Cyber Conference

Washington, DC

16-15 September 2015

Building Trust in a Hyperconnected World

London, United Kingdom

8-9 July 2015

2014 Presentations

Internet of Things - Trends and Challenges in Standardization Workshop

Open protocols for an open, interoperable Internet of Things by Carol Cosgrove-Sacks

Geneva, Switzerland

18 February 2014

2013 Presentations

International Cloud Symposium


15 October 2013

Proceedings Available

CAP Implementers Workshop

Geneva, Switzerland

23-24 April 2013

Proceedings Available

8th ETSI Security Workshop

Sophia Antipolis, France

16-17 January 2013

OASIS presentation (Gershon Janssen)

2012 Presentations

International Cloud Symposium

Washington, DC

10-12 October 2012

Proceedings Available

OASIS Standards Track

at the European e-Identity Conference

Paris, France

12-13 June 2012

Emergency Alerting Policy Workshop

Montreal, Canada

1-3 May 2012

European Identity Conference (EIC 2012)

Munich, Germany

16-18 April 2012

OASIS Open Standards Day Beijing

Beijing, China

27 March 2012

2011 Presentations

International Cloud Symposium

Heathrow, United Kingdom

10-13 October 2011

Proceedings Available

2010 Presentations

Transformational Government Workshop

Washington, DC

9 December 2010

Link to webcast on the top of the page.

Green IT for Green Policy 2010

Brussels, Belgium

13-14 October 2010

Identity Management 2010

Washington, DC

27-28 September 2010

OASIS Security Track

eID Management Conference

London, United Kingdom

9-10 June 2010

2009 Presentations

Emergency Interoperability Summit


Baltimore, MD

29 September - 1 October 2009

Identity Management 2009

Gaithersburg, MD

29-30 September 2009

OASIS Blue Connect

at ConnectivityWeek

Santa Clara, CA

8-11 June 2009

2008 Presentations

Open Standards Forum 2008:

Security Challenges for the Information Society

Ditton Manor, near London, United Kingdom

30 September - 3 October 2008

Open Standards Symposium 2008

Santa Clara, CA

28 April - 1 May 2008

2007 Presentations

OASIS Open Standards Forum 2007

London, United Kingdom

29-30 October 2007

OASIS IDtrust Workshop

Burton Catalyst Conference

Barcelona, Spain

22 October 2007

OASIS Symposium 2007

San Diego, CA

15-20 April 2007

2006 Presentations

OASIS Adoption Forum

London, United Kingdom

27-29 November 2006

OASIS Symposium Proceedings

The Meaning of Interoperability

San Francisco, CA

9-12 May 2006

2005 Presentations

The 2005 IEEE European Conference on Web Services

Växjö, Sweden

14-16 November 2005

BuilConn Europe 2005

Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands

8-10 November 2005

4th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2005)

Galway, Ireland

6-10 November 2005

InfoWorld's SOA Executive Forum

New York, NY

7-8 November 2005

OASIS Open Standards Day Australia

Sydney, Australia

26-28 October 2005

OASIS Open Standards Day Singapore


21 October 2005

The 2nd Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services Best Practices

Chicago, IL

18 October 2005

OASIS Adoption Forum Proceedings

London, United Kingdom

17 October 2005

ebXML Registry v3.0 OASIS Standard

How to Publish, Manage, Govern, Discover, and Reuse Artifacts for eBusiness, SOA, and Other Applications

15 September 2005

LRC-X Conference

Limerick, Ireland

13-14 September 2005

GML Days

Vancouver, British Columbia

18-22 July 2005

XMLAsia 2005: "Web Services - Driver for New Business Opportunities"

2 June 2005

OASIS Open Standards Day at XTech 2005

Amsterdam, Netherlands

23 May 2005

OASIS Symposium Proceedings

The Future of XML Vocabularies

New Orleans, LA

24-29 April 2005

HR-XML Interoperation with OASIS SPML V2: An Integration Use Case

New York, NY

11 April 2005

Planning & Implementing Service Oriented Architecture

Sydney, Australia

16 March 2005

Best Practices in Standards Setting

Cambridge, MA

11 March 2005

XML Web Services Symposium

San Francisco, CA

28 February 2005

Web Services Initiative - Japan

Presentation by Patrick Gannon

UDDI V3-The Registry Standard for SOA

22 February 2005

Hosted by:

OASIS UDDI Specification Technical Committee

Webcast (pdf) (ppt)

Presenters: James Bryce Clark, Director of Standards Development, OASIS

Luc Clement (Systinet), Co-chair of the OASIS UDDI Spec TC

Tony Rogers (Computer Associates), Co-chair of the OASIS UDDI Spec TC

In order to view the Webcast, you must have the free Webex Player which you can download here.

CABA XML Symposium

Orlando, FL

9 February 2005

XML's Role as a Standard for Building Automation (ppt)

Keynote Presentation by: Patrick Gannon, President and CEO, OASIS

The Open Group, Boundaryless Information Flow Conference

San Francisco, CA

24 January 2005

Identity Management Standards from OASIS (ppt)

Presenter: Patrick Gannon, President and CEO, OASIS

2004 Presentations

OASIS Interoperability Demos

XML 2004

Washington, DC

19 November 2004

OASIS Related Presentations at XML 2004

Washington, DC

16-18 November 2004

All the slides are found at:

UBL: Ready for Prime Time
Jon Bosak, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Inc., United States
The New ebXML for SOA
Presenter(s): David Webber, XML eBusiness Professional, OASIS CAM TC Chair, United States and Dan Pattyn, Executive Director, EPR Forum, United States
OASIS eBusiness Service Oriented Architecture
Presenter(s): Duane Nickull, Senior Standards Strategist, Adobe Systems, Inc., Canada
The TAO of Topic Maps: Seamless Knowledge in Practice
Presenter(s): Steve Pepper, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Ontopia, Norway
Connecting the Dots: CAP and WSRP
Presenter(s): Rex Brooks, Executive Director,, Inc., United States
Adding Reliability to an Egg-and-Spoon Race
Presenter(s): Tony Graham, Staff Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Ireland
Deployment Scenarios for Web Service Discovery
Presenter(s): Andrew Hately, Senior Software Engineer, IBM, United States
Connecting the Dots: CAP and WSRP
Presenter(s): Rex Brooks, Executive Director,, Inc., United States

Gartner Application Integration and Web Services Summit

Orlando, FL

15-17 November 2004

UDDI: The Web Services Directory Standard (pdf)
Web Services Standards: Leading the Way for Widespread Adoption (ppt)
Presenter: Patrick Gannon, President and CEO, OASIS

OASIS Open Standards Day Sydney

20-22 October 2004

The papers for the 2004 conference are available in PDF format at:
User name and password is available to OASIS Members

OASIS Adoption Forum

6 October 2004

CISO Summit

16 June 2004

Speaker: David Petraitis (ppt)

OASIS Symposium

Reliable Infrastructures for XML

26-27 April 2004

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