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Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2020

Due to continuing COVID-19 safety concerns, the Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2020 event transitioned to a virtual experience.  The event took thoughtful actions to create an immersive digital experience that provides attendees with interactive content and collaboration experiences. Attendees had the ability to network with each other, attend presentations with live Q&A, interact with sponsors real-time, and much more.

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All Things Open 2020

All Things Open event format changed this year. Along with the decision to transition to virtual comes a resulting change in format. Consuming content in front of a screen is different than walking around / in-person consumption, so the organizers felt it was vital to change the way in which content was to be delivered.

OASIS Open Executive Director, Guy Martin, spoke during the Inclusion & Diversity in Open Source event and Building Diverse Teams & Projects. The OASIS Open organization was also recognized by Amazon at the event.

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Best Practices for eTMF Standards and Interoperability

Zack Schmidt, CEO, SureClinical was joined by Chet Ensign, OASIS Chief Technical Community Steward in a live webinar on Wednesday, 14 October 2020.

Digital transformation is well underway in clinical trial management as most Sponsors and CROs are moving towards electronic Trial Master Files (eTMF) and other digital solutions to manage their trials. But, there is a learning curve to understand and ensure interoperability, eTMF data sharing and standards.  This webinar explored flexible standards-based approaches to consistently and seamlessly share your eTMF data with partners, vendors, Sponsors and CRO’s.

What you will learn

  • Why standards are important to enable eTMF interoperability
  • How standards makes it possible to consistently and seamlessly share your data with partners, vendors, Sponsors and CRO’s
  • Difference between standards and models
  • TMF structures and agency requirements
  • How an electronic filing structure differs from a paper filing plan
  • Introduction to eTMF content tagging using standards-based terms based on standards body definitions by NCI, FDA, HL7 and CDISC and others.
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Open Matters: Baseline V0.1–Showcases That Blockchain Can Serve as a Valuable Way of Keeping Systems of Record in Sync

Co-Founder of the Baseline Protocol and seasoned enterprise executive, John Wolpert, joined Guy Martin for this next Open Matters discussion. Launched in March of this year, the Baseline Protocol uses advances in peer-to-peer messaging, zero-knowledge cryptography and blockchain technology to coordinate complex, confidential workflows between enterprises without moving company data out of traditional systems of record. Today, over 600 companies and individuals are actively participating in this initiative.

Link here for more information on the series.

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Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Implementation Workshop

The 2020 Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Implementation Workshop is a technical meeting intended for information sharing among experts. Everyone interested in emergency alerting is welcome: managers, technical staff, media, etc., including those in government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and commercial organizations. The host and co-sponsor of this Workshop is the ITU. Other co-sponsors of the Workshop are: the IAEM, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), OASIS,, and the WMO.

Program included welcome message from OASIS Executive Director, Guy Martin, and an Emergency Management technical committee (EM TC) presentation from EM TC Chair, Elysa Jones. Participants are registered, from 70 countries, 20 international org’s, and 18 commercial companies.

CAP Workshop Wrap-up & Presentations

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New Project Joins Budding Open Cybersecurity Ecosystem — NIST SCAP v2

Over the last year, the Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA) has been working to develop open source content, code, tooling, practices, and patterns that will improve the interoperability of cybersecurity solutions and help solve security complexity and redundancy for clients. During this webinar your hear an update on how OCA is progressing on product interoperability. In addition, OCA just accepted a third project from NIST. This project, the SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol) Data Collection Prototype, was highlighted as it joins current projects STIXShifter and OpenDXL Ontology.

This is an opportunity for you to learn how OCA plans to bring interoperability across these projects and associated products. With a draft architecture defined, now is the time to learn how you can join in and help the Alliance evolve our architecture and projects.

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International Cryptographic Module Conference

ICMC is one of the leading annual event for global expertise in commercial cryptography. At ICMC20 over 400 industry leaders from 27 countries came together to address the unique challenges faced by those who develop, produce, test, specify, and use cryptographic modules, with a strong focus on standards such as FIPS 140-3, ISO/IEC 19790, eEIDAS, and Common Criteria. The conference helps to foster a focused, organized community of users. ICMC reviews technical issues underlying cryptographic implementation including physical security, key management, side-channel analysis, open-source development, algorithm testing, quantum threats, embedded applications, standardization, validation programs, government policy, professional ethics, and more.

The event featured a keynote address from our Open Cybersecurity Alliance Chair and presentations from our PKCS11 and KMIP Technical Committee Chairs.

Conference website

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Why TOSCA Continues to be the ‘Go-To’ Choice for Workload Cloud-based Applications & Services Lifecycle Management

TOSCA, the “Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications,” is rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for cloud application and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization). Simply put, TOSCA enables users to deploy and orchestrate the lifecycle of application and network services across multiple clouds (and other environments).

Why is TOSCA so widely adopted?

This virtual event reviewed the current state of TOSCA standard, how it has evolved over time and highlight several use cases. A panel of experts also gave you a preview of the new features added to TOSCA version 2.0 (due to be released in 2021) which will further align it with modern development paradigms, including cloud-native and microservices.

AUDIENCE: This event is suitable for … application providers, tooling providers, service providers, cloud brokers, and so on.

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Open Matters: Next Generation

OASIS launched a new virtual series called ‘Open Matters’ to spark dialogue & foster community thinking for open source & standards collaboration. Led by OASIS Executive Director, Guy Martin, these forums are informal gatherings that will engage the open development ecosystem, addressing key topics within open source and open standards communities, while helping facilitate cross-industry collaboration.

The first discussion was an one-on-one conversation between Guy and OASIS Board of Directors Chairman, Gershon Janssen. This was an opportunity to get to know Guy better, and learn more about his vision on how best to link these two communities.

Link here for more information on the series.

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DrupalCon Global 2020

OASIS Executive Director, Guy Martin, participated in an excellent panel discussion alongside several other open source experts at DrupalCon Global 2020.

Why Open Source Contribution is Essential to your Business

Contribution is key to accelerating Drupal and other Open Source projects.  Millions of sites use Drupal, yet only hundreds of organizations actively contribute to the project.  This panel will discuss common barriers to contribution and help organizations understand not only how to contribute, but why it’s essential to doing business.  

Panelists include:

Moderated by Emily White, Vice President, Marketing at Phase2.

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Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference North America 2020

Don’t miss the Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference North America 2020 Virtual Experience! 4 days of incredible opportunities to collaborate, learn, and share. 230+ Sessions. 14 Technology Tracks – with something for everyone, across all interests and levels from professional to hobbyist. Join over 2,000 developers, technologists and industry experts in an exchange of ideas on the latest trends in open source and open collaboration, how to navigate the open source landscape, and how open source is shaping innovation. Attend from the comfort and safety of your own home and for only US $50.

Full playlist accessible via bar/arrow in top right corner of video.

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How to Implement an Effective Zero Trust Strategy

Join members of the Fornetix team for an informative webinar where you will learn:

  • What is Zero Trust?
  • How the current pandemic climate is impacting national security and what this means for your agency.
  • How does this massive shift in infrastructure impact compliance requirements?
  • Best practices – how to build a security infrastructure that ensures protection across the enterprise and out to the edge.
  • How to design a road map for implementing zero trust to work with your legacy systems today.

KMIP on the Agenda

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